5 paradisiacal places to discover in Alentejo


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Authentic paradises, they are excellent for relaxing and enjoying the contact with nature!

Discover the charms of these true Alentejo paradises. Venture into these 5 paradisiacal places to discover in Alentejo.

The concept paradise can have different meanings. There are different meanings for the word paradise. We often use the term paradise. Often the term is applied outside of the religious sense. In a dictionary, we can find out the meaning of the word paradise.

This term is associated with religion. Paradise is the place of delight where, according to the Old Testament, God placed Adam and Eve; Paradise is Eden. This word also means the abode of the angels and of the blessed and righteous after death.

The word paradise can also mean a delicious place; a very pleasant place. It is in this sense that the term paradise is frequently used by the Portuguese population from the north to the south of the country. This happens regularly, because it is possible to find several Portuguese paradises.

There are several paradisiacal places in Portugal (relative or pertaining to Paradise, something beautiful, wonderful, extremely pleasant). In this article we will focus our attention on the Alentejo, one of the most stunning regions in our country. Get to know the attributes of true Alentejo paradises.

5 paradisiacal places to discover in Alentejo

Pulo do Lobo Waterfall

The experience of seeing a waterfall is always enchanting, whether for children or adults. This waterfall is present on the Guadiana River, near the region of Mértola, in the district of Beja.

5 paradisiacal places to discover in Alentejo

The Pulo do Lobo Waterfall is the largest natural waterfall in southern Portugal. The name of this waterfall (Pulo do Lobo) came about due to the banks being high and full of rocks.

The Pulo do Lobo Waterfall is nicknamed the “heart of the Guadiana”. Such homage happens due to its various charms. The Pulo do Lobo Waterfall has 20 meters. The waterfall itself and the surrounding scenery are elements that make the Pulo do Lobo waterfall one of the great tourist attractions of the entire region.

The Pulo do Lobo Waterfall provides a truly unusual experience. For this reason, it has become a must-see attraction. Every year, thousands of visitors are drawn to this place. These people are dazzled by the beauty of the waterfall and the charms of the surrounding nature.

Carrasqueira Palafítico dock

This attraction serves as an example of a popular architectural heritage. The Cais Palafítico da Carrasqueira is present in a small fishing village, Carrasqueira, a riverside village present a few kilometers from Alcácer do Sal, more precisely on the left bank of the Sado river.

5 paradisiacal places to discover in Alentejo

The Pier is located between Troia and Alcácer do Sal, in the Setúbal district, in the middle of the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve.

The idea of building a pier created with wooden pilings came about in 1950. Its construction was seen as a necessity. The Carrasqueira Palafítico Pier proved to be a very useful construction for the fishing activity in the area. This was the way to overcome the mud barrier.

This construction of the Carrasqueira Palafítico Pier was the solution that allowed a complex problem to be solved in a simple way. This structure was erected and has remained safe and operational until today.

The beauty of the scenery created has made the Carrasqueira Palafítico Pier an obligatory tourist attraction. The experience of taking a family outing here is quite pleasant. Watching the fishermen’s boats reaching the land is something enchanting.

It is the Carrasqueira Stilted Pier that allows fishermen access to their boats, something that happens even during low tide. With this construction, the fishermen can reach their boats without any difficulty.

The construction of this particular pier did not stop in the year it was built. Since that time, the Carrasqueira Palafítico dock has been enlarged. The development of the pier was due to the needs of the fishermen.

The constant increases of the pier have led to the Carrasqueira Palafítico pier becoming a labyrinth of walkways. This pier features a network of piles that supports the pontoons.

There are several warehouses on the pier that are of great use to fishermen. The space is full of fishing huts that stand out in the landscape for being colorful. The anchored wooden boats also claim protagonism in the scenery.

Pego das Pias River Beach

This beach is present in the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast, known for its stunning natural beauty. It is north of the parish of S. Salvador, that the Pego das Pias Fluvial Beach is located. This beach is located between S. Luís and Odemira, in a place of extreme beauty.

5 paradisiacal places to discover in Alentejo

To access this sandy beach, it is necessary to walk about 1km, this small effort is rewarded by the opportunity to live a unique experience. This proposal is perfect for nature lovers.

The Pego das Pias Fluvial Beach is an ideal place for a family to stroll, relax and have fun. Spending the day at this beach is an experience of great involvement with Nature.

The natural beauty of the Pego das Pias Fluvial Beach is incredible. The scenery in this place is stunning. The rocks of Pego das Pias, the natural lakes and the waters of the Ribeira do Torgal are all elements that make for a very pleasant experience.

There are also the many green spaces that are part of paradise. Having a picnic here is wonderful. Adults can socialize in a magical setting, and children love having space to run around!

Alamal River Beach

This beach is perfectly integrated in a stunning scenery. The fluvial beach of Quinta do Alamal is presented in the margins of the Tejo River, in Gavião. This stunning beach is considered the pearl of Tejo.

5 paradisiacal places to discover in Alentejo

The fluvial beach of Alamal is a must-see attraction, especially on hot summer days. On those days, it provides a magical experience, full of enchantments, a true paradise.

Spending a few days at the beach here, especially during the hot summer months, gives us a unique experience. Diving into the clear waters of the river and coming across a special scenery makes us value life and savor every moment.

In this hottest season, many people seek out this beach. It is a perfect place for moments of rest in a perfect scenery. Around here, we can take a very pleasant walk, having the Praia Fluvial do Alamal as a backdrop.

The wooden walkway is an element that makes the experience even more memorable. The walkway allows us to walk along the river bank between the beach and the Belver bridge.

Along the route of this walkway, you can access excellent observation points of the local flora and fauna. The wooden walkway proves to be an excellent complement, an excellent attraction for all people who enjoy walks and hikes.

At the river beach of Alamal, peace and silence reign. For this reason, this beach brings together a set of characteristics that allow you to hear the whispering of the waters. The waters of this beach run in the streams that wind through the terraces of the old Quinta do Alamal, which were made of dry stone.

The fluvial beach of Alamal has an extensive sandy beach. This is a sandy beach with plenty of space to put your towel. In the scenery that can be found on this beach, the stunning beauty stands out, namely the presence of trees.

These trees are charming. Besides still adding a picturesque touch to the local landscape, they are useful, as they grant precious shade. Therefore, an unforgettable experience is had here.

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