António Costa warns right wing that he intends to serve a four-year term


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The Secretary General of the Socialist Party, António Costa, defended today that “those who want a strong democracy respect mandates” and warned the right wing that the Socialist government intends to fulfill its four-year mandate.

In his speech at the 50th anniversary party of the PS, in Porto, António Costa said that he received, in the last legislative elections, in 2022, the mandate to govern and defended that “those who want a strong democracy respect the mandates and those who have mandates honor the commitments.

“I want to be very clear, our agenda and our commitments are those in the electoral program. It’s not arrogance, it’s the humility of someone who went around the country asking for the vote,” he said, warning that the socialist agenda “is not the agenda of media polemics.

In another part of his speech, at Pavilhão Rosa Mota, António Costa reinforced the idea of the need for stability, considering that it is the government’s focus on keeping the mandate until the end that worries the right wing.

“I think that’s why they are in such a hurry to get rid of us. They are trying everything. They’ve already tried to get rid of us with the devil, now they’re even trying to get rid of us with [the] Chega party, but they won’t get us and we’ll get them, because they won’t get through with us,” warned António Costa to a standing ovation.

Against the criticism of those who say that the Recovery and Resilience Plan will not be implemented, António Costa asked the right wing not to be deceived, reminding them that the RRP is to be implemented in four years.

“And let the right not be deceived. We are well aware that Rome and Pavia were not built in a day and that the PRR will be implemented in four years, not in one. But we will be here for the four years to execute the PRR to the last cent and to lead the greatest opportunity for structural transformation of the Portuguese economy that we have had in recent years,” declared António Costa.

The General Secretary of the PS and Prime Minister of Portugal was greeted on his feet by thousands of militants who shouted the slogan “PS/PS” and waved the flags of Portugal, the Socialist Party and several Portuguese municipalities.

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