Apartments near the beach from 40.000 euros


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Take a dip in these apartments for sale near river or sea beaches and let yourself be carried away by their charm.

In Portuguese cities or towns near the beaches you will have more rest and can finally enjoy the beauties created by nature every day. While some like to walk by the Atlantic Ocean, others love the unknown paradise of river beaches, many of them hidden in the interior of Portugal.

If you are one of those people who would like to live near the beach all year round, this may be your chance to hear the sea echoing in rain or shine. Buying an apartment near the beach means that you no longer have to worry about renting a vacation home , and who knows, maybe on your rest days you will change your usual destination and prefer to take a getaway to the countryside.

Advantages of living near a sea or river beach

  • Natural landscapes every day: the constant contact with nature is the main advantage of living near the beach, since they offer an impressive wealth of fauna and flora. You will be able to do some walking or running by the sea without any difficulty;
  • Very wide range of services: Portugal is a country with a very developed coastline, so you can find a wide range of transport, health and education services . You will have no problems commuting to work or taking the kids to school;
  • Seaside towns with lots of activities: life by the sea has more color and animation and lots of free activities. Besides frequent trips to the beach, you can spend your days at the local market to buy fresh fish, or enjoy dinner in a restaurant with a beautiful panoramic view;
  • More comfortable familyliving near the beach will improve the household’s quality of life. Everyone will be able to enjoy a peaceful environment, knowing that the refreshing breeze of the wind or relaxing sound of the waves has health benefits;
  • Real estate in permanent valorization: living near the beach is fantastic if you are looking for a house or apartment for sale with a tendency to valorize. More than the natural beauty, the activities and services available, houses by the sea and river beaches offer a certain status, so it is common to have a high demand all over the country;
  • Lower cost of living: some areas of Portugal with fluvial beaches are an opportunity to relax and offer a quality lifestyle without the prices of beaches near the coast. The advantage is that some fluvial beaches are still virtually unknown.

Does living near the sea or river beaches have health benefits?


Investing in a property near the beach is an effective solution, but few remember the health benefits it brings. In fact, the mild climate and clean air are more than enough reasons to go out and feel revitalized.

Other positive effects of living near the beach in the short or long term are:

  • Improved vitamin D levels: did you know that people with low vitamin D levels can suffer from diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, anemia or depression? If you decide to live by the beach this will no longer be an issue, because with more vitamin D you will protect your body to the fullest;
  • Improved respiratory healthLiving by the beach is beneficial for so many, and those with common problems like allergic rhinitis, asthma, or bronchitis will feel the difference;
  • Less anxiety and less stress: the sound of the waves, the hands on the sand or on the stones, contribute to your mental well-being, to a life without worries;
  • Improved sleep quality: another benefit of living near the sea. Since you get more physical exercise you can burn enough energy to sleep well.

Is it possible to monetize a beach house?

These days it is always good to think about how to make some extra money. An apartment or beach house offers a high market value, especially at this time when the real estate market has been changing.

If you want to buy a property by the beach and use it as a second home, here are some ways to make it profitable:

  • Schedule birthday parties and other events: some houses and even apartments with terraces near the beach offer large and dynamic outdoor spaces that can be used for birthday parties, weddings, concerts or other performances. You should find out the legalities of holding such events in your home;
  • Renting a house or apartment by the beach: during the months of the year when the coastal area receives fewer tourists, such as the winter off-season, you can use it for short-term rentals;
  • Create an extra workspace: you can turn your beach house into a sort of co-working space for companies that work remotely and are looking for a place by the sea or river for a more immersive experience. Otherwise you can turn your new house into an office on days when you want to relax near the water;
  • Develop your business: lovers of surfing, swimming, canoeing, stand up paddle or whale watching will be able to take advantage of the beach house or apartment to promote their small business.

If you love the beach all year round this could be the solution you are looking for. Take a chance on a change and find the house that fits your needs in one of the many apartments near the beach for sale from 40 thousand euros and get ready to have the beach close by all year round!

Find your house by the river or sea beach

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