Azores Burning Summer celebrates 10 years with Mayra Andrade and a night dedicated to Cape Verde


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The Azores Burning Summer festival, celebrating its 10th anniversary, will take place on August 30 and 31 in São Miguel, Azores, with Mayra Andrade, Moullinex and a night dedicated to Cape Verde as highlights, it was announced today.

According to the organizers, the festival, which takes place at Praia dos Moinhos, in the parish of Porto Formoso, in the municipality of Ribeira Grande, features music, cinema, debates, eco-design, electric vehicles, land art and community actions.

The first night of the 10th edition of the Azores Burning Summer Eco Festival will be especially dedicated to Cape Verde, with the main attraction being the artist Mayra Andrade, who makes her debut in the Azores with the “reEncanto” project, accompanied by her compatriot Djodje Almeida on acoustic guitar.

In the natural amphitheatre of Parque dos Moinhos, the second night will have as guests “some of the most outstanding artists from past editions of the festival”, reads the organization’s press release, which includes Moullinex’s return to Burning Summer with a series of guest musicians for a concert specially conceived to celebrate the 10th edition of the Festival.

Moullinex is the ‘alter ego’ of Portuguese producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Luís Clara Gomes, according to the organizers.

Currently, “around 35% of the public” at the festival “are tourists and we have managed to ensure that more than 80% of our investment goes to companies and professionals from the Azores,” said Filipe Tavares, the festival’s director and head of the association that organizes the event – the Regional Association for the Promotion and Development of Tourism, Environment, Culture and Health (ARTAC).

Quoted in the press release, the head of ARTAC also stressed that the event has allowed “different cultures to come together and experiences to be exchanged”, being “a balanced access event that values the quality of the experience for the public and their relationship with the surrounding nature”.

Also according to the data released by the organization, the 2023 edition “established a maximum daily capacity of 2,500 people, which corresponds to 75% of the maximum capacity of the venue”.

Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi

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