Brussels funds are used to renovate student residences at Algarve University.


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The UAlg has approximately 10,000 pupils, 20 percent of whom are from more than 90 countries.

The University of the Algarve (UAlg) will renovate three university residences at an estimated cost of approximately three million euros, of which 80% will be financed by Brussels, according to the institution.

In a press release, the UAlg explains that the renovations of the buildings, which began in early June, are geared toward “adequate preservation and enhancement of pre-existing facilities, and improving well-being conditions and quality of life” for students.

The note states, “This intervention phase, which will include 237 beds, will thus contribute to providing an integrated and long-term response to out-of-town students in higher education.”

The Algarve University explains that it “decided to conduct the aforementioned interventions during this period in order to minimize disruptions to academic life.”

The construction is conducted at this time because “many students no longer have activities during June” and the summer break continues until the first half of September.

According to the UAlg, all students were informed of the ongoing procedures at the outset of the lease agreement, and free housing or relocation was provided to all students who required it in June.

“In addition to structural reinforcement, these interventions will primarily target the thermal behavior and energy efficiency of the building. It will thus combine rational energy consumption management objectives with the assurance of a comfortable and healthy building, according to the academic institution.

The UAlg explains that there are also plans to redesign the sanitary infrastructure in the three residences. In addition to the intervention in the water supply and wastewater drainage network, water-saving devices will be implemented in showers, sinks, and faucets in order to increase water efficiency.

The statement also indicates that, in terms of social sustainability, one of the goals is not only to promote “respect for the individuality of each resident, but also coexistence with one another, with the adoption of shared spaces, such as the existence of a lounge, study, and dining room, encouraging communal living.”

According to the institution’s data, UAlg has approximately 10,000 students, 20 percent of whom are international students from more than 90 countries. The country with the largest representation, Brazil, stands out.

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