CAP warns that CAP plan execution is “extremely worrying


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The Portuguese Farmers Confederation (CAP) warned today that the execution of the Single Application Payment (PU), under the Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plan (PEPAC), is “extremely worrying”, noting that its operationalization has not been corrected.

“The CAP once again denounces a very serious flaw in the application system for the Single Application for Aid, which continues to show an extremely worrying percentage of implementation,” the confederation warned in a statement.

The farmers regret that the operationalization of PEPAC has not undergone any correction, despite the warnings, stressing that, according to data from the Agriculture and Fisheries Financing Institute (IFAP) this week, 15 days before the end of the campaign, “only 32% of the area defined as the target was applied for Basic Income Support (ARB).

The applications thus correspond to 964,890 hectares out of a total of 3,036,795 hectares.

Also noteworthy are, for example, payments for the multiplication of certified seeds, with applications covering 521 hectares out of a total of 4,000, or soil management – promoting organic fertilization, with 23 hectares taken up out of a target of 120,000.

In the opposite direction are, among others, the forest-environmental and climate commitments, whose PEPAC target was 847 hectares, but the applications cover 1,241 hectares, or the organic livestock, which covers 12,536 hectares, whereas the target was 1,000.

For CAP, the operationalization of the PU 2023 was “clearly neglected” by the Government, and at the end of April, its execution was 6% and in early June, was at 18%.

“There is no capacity to respond to the deficiencies that have been identified and denounced by the farmers. The Government is responsible for the very serious situation we are living, which can no longer be ignored and whose consequences, if nothing is done, will be felt over the coming years,” he added.

The confederation also argued that the signals given by the Ministry of Agriculture “are paralyzing”, thus demanding the guarantee that in October the payments to farmers will be made, without delays.

Farmers submitted, until June 9, more than 140,000 applications to the PU, according to data released at the time by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

The PU is an application for direct payment of the aids that are part of the schemes subject to the Integrated Administration and Control System.

This application covers direct payments, coupled support, ecoregimes, rural development, natura network payments, maintenance of agricultural activity in less-favored areas, and forestry measures.

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