Home Politics Chega defends that Alexandra Reis should return compensation

Chega defends that Alexandra Reis should return compensation

Chega defends that Alexandra Reis should return compensation

The president of Chega reiterated today that former Secretary of State Alexandra Reis should return the compensation she received when she left the board of TAP, and proposed an investigation into all compensation paid by the airline.

SIC Notícias reported on Friday evening that the draft opinion of the Inspector General of Finance (IGF) points out irregularities in the process of the payment of compensation of 500,000 euros by TAP to the former administrator and former Secretary of the Treasury, Alexandra Reis.

In a video sent to the media, André Ventura considered that “this proves right” what Chega has defended “from the beginning, that this compensation did not meet the legal requirements, that it violated the statute of the public manager and that, above all, it was immoral, given that Alexandra Reis went back to work for another public company.

The Chega leader argued that “two major consequences” should be removed.

“The idea that, with this opinion, the State can and should demand the reimbursement to Alexandra Reis of the amounts she received and that she should return them to the State for having gone to work for NAV and then for the Secretary of State,” he said.

Ventura also proposed that “an investigation be carried out, starting now, by the Inspector General of Finance, of all the compensation paid to former TAP managers, administrators or equivalent in recent years.

Lusa asked the IGF and the Ministry of Finance for clarification of the information provided by SIC Notícias, but did not receive a reply.

An official source at TAP, contacted by Lusa, said only that “this is an ongoing process” and that the airline “will respect all its conclusions”.