Composer and playwright Jorge Constante Pereira died


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Jorge Constante Pereira, 81 years old, was “the link” between the musician and producer José Mário Branco and the singer and composer Sérgio Godinho.
The composer, playwright and psychomotricity therapist Jorge Constante Pereira died today, at 81 years, told Lusa family source. The wake will be held from 13:00 this Wednesday at Tanatório de Matosinhos, in the district of Porto, followed after the funeral ceremonies at 16:30.
“A friend and partner of José Mário Branco [musician and producer] and Sérgio Godinho [singer and composer], Jorge Constante Pereira was the link between the two when he introduced them in Paris, where both were in exile, and was himself on the list of political prisoners and persecuted during the dictatorship,” the family recalls in a statement.
According to the same text, one of his first works as a musical composer was the record “Cantigas de Ida e Volta”, from 1975, in which he set to music the poems of Sidónio Muralha, Matilde Rosa Araújo and Maria Alberta Menéres, with the singers Fausto, Vitorino and Sérgio Godinho interpreting the themes.
The family stressed that this was one of the first records dedicated entirely to children in the post-April 25 period.
The family also pointed out that the attention to the children’s universe took the form of several theater projects, such as Sérgio Godinho’s “Eu, Tu, Ele, Nós, Vós, Eles,” in which he participated and wrote, for example, the “Canção dos Abraços.
Jorge Constante Pereira also composed dozens of songs for the television series “A Árvore dos Patafúrdios” or “Os Amigos do Gaspar”.
Composer and playwright Jorge Constante Pereira died
“With the company Limite Zero, he participated in numerous creations that unmistakably show his wit and creativity: ‘Pinto Borrachudo’, ‘O Trono saiu à rua’, ‘Os Trabalhos de Hércules’, ‘Em Busca do Planalto Perdido’, or ‘Aventuras de Gulliver’,” the family pointed out.
A psychomotricity therapist, graduated from the Institute of Educational Sciences at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, Jorge Constante Pereira taught Educational and Developmental Psychology at the Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique, where he directed the Center for Communication Studies at the Institute for Scientific Research.
Jorge Constante Pereira has always dedicated himself to teaching and was the founder of the cooperative O Fio de Ariana.
The playwright and composer is father of Susana Constante Pereira, leader of the municipal group of the Left Bloc (BE) in the Porto Municipal Assembly.

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