Contactless Citizen’s Card is one of the 18 measures of the new Simplex


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The Simplex that is presented today has 18 measures, one of them is the new Citizen’s Card that has the particularity of being ‘contactless’, the faster job search and the dematerialization of the multi-use certificate.

“We will from next year align the Simplex with the calendar year and, therefore, the commitment now is commitment with the measures that we will implement until the end of this year. These measures, above all more citizen-focused, are those that bring added value, simplification, efficiency, the citizen and businesses, “said today the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Administrative Modernization.

And “it is in this spirit that we have identified 18 measures, one of which is certainly very paradigmatic: the new Citizen’s Card,” continued Mário Campolargo.

“And why is it paradigmatic? In some aspects, which are obviously the updating of security measures,” but “there is one aspect that seems particularly important to me, which is the aspect of this new card being contactless,” he pointed out.

Currently, “we are very used to using bank cards that don’t need to go into” a box to read them, but “just by approaching the equipment,” he said.

“That’s what our Citizen’s Card is going to have,” guaranteeing “continuous security, technological ‘update’, technological upgrading, and it’s going to open up a set of very broad perspectives for use cases,” Mário Campolargo pointed out.

Now, he advanced, the “identification can become simpler, you just need to bring the card close to the machine”, either in a Citizen’s Store or in a hospital.

“It is a generic measure for the entire population and will be progressively implemented,” he noted.

Another of the measures applies to job seekers.

“We’re going to streamline this job search, we’re going to cross-reference job offers and job applications more effectively. And how do we do it? By recognizing, in a more exhaustive way, the competencies of those who are looking for a job”, through algorithm systems that allow the crossing of this information, according to the governor.

“This will be offered to all those who are registered with the IEFP looking for a job,” he pointed out.

In addition, in the case of people who need a medical certificate of multi-disability, it will be “more intuitive” and “faster” to use, stressed the Secretary of State, noting that this document will “be automatically recognized by all” the ministries and services that need it to grant benefits of various kinds.

The dematerialization of the multi-user certificate – ANIM results in the implementation of an integrated process centered on the disabled citizen that integrates all associated ministries, ensuring that the citizen does not have to obtain information from one area of Public Administration to deliver to another.

This reduces non-relevant travel whenever possible, especially considering the fragile situation in which the user is, with the added benefits of time savings for recipients and fewer interactions with multiple entities within one service.

These are three examples that Mário Campolargo classified as “emblematic” of this new Simplex package.

“We will complement the work that is being done in the area of housing and industrial licensing, and we will also move forward in other areas that will allow us to repeat this principle in some way: look at the legislation, make it simpler, reduce the context costs to make Portugal more attractive for companies that are here and for those” that want to settle in the country, he concluded.

Among other measures are the electronic invoice for entrepreneurs, the tacit approval checker, the OK address (extend the change of address in the citizen card to the address to be considered for bank account purposes), and the Car Insurance in the Digital Wallet.

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