Costa stresses contribution of deployed national forces to Portugal’s prestige


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The Prime Minister considers that military personnel and agents of the security forces and services on external missions, as part of the deployed national forces, have contributed to the modernization of the Armed Forces and to Portugal’s prestige.

This position was conveyed by António Costa in his traditional Christmas and New Year’s video message to the military and agents of the security forces and services, which is published on the Prime Minister’s social media accounts X (formerly Twitter), Instagram and on the Government Portal and Youtube channel.

In his message, the leader of the executive said that this year he should have visited the Portuguese soldiers on mission in Mozambique before Christmas, together with the Minister of Defense, Helena Carreiras, and the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, José Nunes da Fonseca, but this was not possible.

“At Christmas time, I usually accompany you on deployed national forces. I’ve had the opportunity to be with you in Iraq, Afghanistan, on the island of Samos [Greece], in various places where you represent and give prestige to Portugal in the world,” said the Prime Minister.

For António Costa, the participation of deployed national forces “has been a major factor in the modernization of the Armed Forces and the security forces and services, but above all it has brought great prestige to the country”, reinforcing its “active voice in the world”.

“I would like to salute all the women and men who serve on behalf of Portugal, within the framework of NATO, in Romania; within the framework of the United Nations, in the Central African Republic; within the framework of the European Union, in Mozambique; and in the various other places where we are present,” he said.

The Prime Minister also saluted “those who can’t be with their families on national territory, because they have to ensure their service, at their posts, in their barracks, in their police stations”.

“To all of you, with great gratitude to your families, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,” he added.

Hervé Hubert
Hervé Hubert
Hervé Hubert is a 55-year-old writer and journalist based in Porto, Portugal. Born in France, he brings a unique blend of French and Portuguese perspectives to his work. Education Hervé studied Journalism and Literature at the University of Lyon in France. After completing his studies, he gained valuable experience working with various French media outlets (Portugal France also). Career He worked for several years as a journalist in France before making the move to Portugal. In Porto, he joined the Portugal Pulse team as a staff writer. Skills Hervé specializes in storytelling, investigative journalism, and cultural commentary. He has a flair for capturing complex issues in a relatable way. Personal Life He currently resides in Porto and enjoys the city's rich culture, from Fado music to Francesinha cuisine. Hervé continues to maintain strong ties to his French heritage, often traveling back to France for family visits and cultural exploration. With his unique background and diverse skill set, Hervé Hubert adds a layered, multicultural lens to every story he covers.

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