Deco Proteste received more than 43,900 complaints in the first half of the year


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Deco Proteste registered more than 43,900 thousand complaints in the first six months of the year, with complaints related to condominiums and leases, social security, electronic communications and financial services leading the worst results.

According to the consumer protection association, in this first analysis all contacts made by email (31,460) and via the CLAIM platform (12,448) were accounted for, and one in every four complaints (11,700) concern situations related to real estate (condominium and rental), taxation, or social security.

Consumer goods also gather a high number of complaints, registering 8,112 cases between January and June. This sector, with a weight of 18% in the total, presents as main complaints issues related to defective items, delays in delivery and problems with the exercise of the right to regret.

In the area of consumer goods, some of the most mentioned companies were Worten, PT Eletrónica and FNAC, with 770, 485 and 199 cases, respectively.

The telecommunications sector appears in the ‘top’ 3, with the highest number of complaints, with NOS, MEO and Vodafone, among other operators, being the target of 5,850 complaints reported to Deco Proteste.

In this sector, the problems and lack of transparency in billing, internet speed and the difficulties experienced when wanting to change operator are the complaints most often mentioned by consumers.

With regard to financial services, which occupy 4th place among the most complained about sectors (4,088 contacts), Portuguese consumers complain the most about the difficulties experienced in choosing and changing credit, the amounts charged in commissions (which are now ending) and in settling claims. Santander (107 cases), BPI (123 cases) and Novo Banco (91 cases) are the most referenced entities.

According to Deco Proteste, in the aviation sector, the complaints (1,401) received remain the same year after year: flight delays, last-minute cancellations and lost or misplaced baggage. TAP leads the number of occurrences, with 871 cases, followed by Easyjet (121) and Ryanair (101).

With a relevant weight in the total of complaints filed (3,547 cases, 8% of the total), the construction and services sector appears, and the complaints are almost always the same: delays, lack of quality in service delivery, and little transparency in the prices charged.

The CLAIM platform allows consumers to report what went wrong and ask for help in resolving conflict situations with vendors, distributors, service providers, public and private entities, among others.

Deco Proteste is the largest and most representative Portuguese consumer protection organization. It intervenes in about 20 major areas of consumer life, with studies, tests, analyses of products and services, technical opinions and claims.

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