DGAJ Exhibition Space: Marita Vaskova until 27/2


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On February 1, a new exhibition will open to the public at the DGAJ Exhibition Space. It may be visited until February 27.

Marita Vaskova was born in Ukraine in 1948 and settled in Portugal in 1999. In 2005, together with Valeriy Vaskov, she opened an art gallery in Lisbon, where she exhibited for over a decade. The aura of Lisbon was the inspiration for his works that represent the various dimensions of the Lisbon landscape, in a confrontation of light and color, abstract and concrete. She has participated in several exhibitions and has been a member of the National Society of Fine Arts of Lisbon since 2008.
Her pieces are in several private collections throughout Europe, USA, Canada and Japan, and her work is represented in the collections Livro de Ouro da Arte Contemporânea em Portugal (Fonte da Palavra, 2006) and Arte Europa (Fonte da Palavra, 2012).
Gifted with a plural artistic sensibility and an easily identifiable style, Marita Vaskova makes our Lisbon her own, allowing us to rediscover it in a carpet of colorful mosaics, sometimes houses, sometimes streets, sometimes streetcars, with which she fills her canvases. Each work of this painter is an exploration of the city’s colorful spectrum, where she risks and strikes a precarious balance between the Lisbon seen and the Lisbon imagined.
The artist’s paintings have a little bit of everything and nothing more – fleeting impressions, scraps of landscape, remnants of dream – enclosing in themselves the mystery of each of the hills of the white city. Lisbon is represented luminously colored or brightly colored: the golds of the sunsets, the blues of the clear and sunny skies, the oranges of the worn tiles, the yellows of the streetcars, and the grays of the rainy days.
2005-2010 – Exhibition at the gallery “Acqua Arte” in Lisbon.
2009 – Cultural Center of the Embassy of Ukraine in Lisbon
2009-2017 – “Gallery Center” Amoreiras Shopping Center (annual solo exhibition)
2010 – Hotel “Porta Nova”, Tavira
2010 – “Gallery Center” Amoreiras Shopping Center (collective)
2010-2020 – Permanent exhibition at “Running Elephant Gallery” in Lisbon
2011 – Hotel House, Lisbon
2011 – “National Museum of Ukraine” in Chicago, USA
2012 – “Gallery Center” Amoreiras Shopping Center (collective)
2012 – “Municipal Building” in Arlington, USA
2013 – “National Museum of Ukraine” in Chicago, USA
2022 – Group exhibition of Ukrainian painters at Beltrão Coelho Gallery
2022 – “Miosótis” Bookstore, Lisbon
This exhibition may be visited between February 1st and 27th, from 9am to 7pm, at the Exhibition Space of the DGAJ, Campus da Justiça, Edifício H, piso 0 in Lisbon.
Admission is free.

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