EDP Comercial electricity bill rises 5% from this month


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The electricity bill for EDP Comercial’s domestic customers is going up by around 5% this month, according to the December bill.

Questioned by Lusa, an official source from EDP Comercial said that the increase of around 5% represents an average increase of 2.40 euros in household bills.

In the December bill, EDP Comercial recalls that it reduced the ‘energy’ component by 21% from January onwards due to “more favorable conditions” in the market and to mitigate the increase in network access tariffs, as Lusa had already reported.

“Due to the more favorable conditions in the energy markets in recent weeks and to mitigate the impact of the increase in network access tariffs published by the regulator [ERSE], EDP Comercial decided to reinforce the reduction of the component called ‘Energy and Commercial Structure’,” the company said.

According to the electricity company, as of January, this component will fall by 21% compared to the current value, but even so, with the incorporation of the cost of access to the networks, the result is an overall increase in the bill of around 5%.

Galp has also informed customers that it will raise electricity prices in 2024, due to the increase in network access tariffs set by the regulator, but has not quantified the increase in question.

“Although we have reduced the price at which we purchase electricity, we were unable to accommodate the increase in network access tariffs set by ERSE (Energy Services Regulatory Authority), so the final price will increase,” reads the communication sent to customers.

Lusa questioned the company about the amount of the increase, but received no clarification.

Network access tariffs will increase by 316% in 2024, which, according to ERSE, is due to the fact that they were negative in 2023, “through Costs of General Economic Interest (CIEG) to be returned to consumers, which significantly benefited the National Electricity System (SEN)”.

For families in the regulated market, which accounts for 6.3% of electricity consumption, tariffs rose by 3.7% in January compared to December.

Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi

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