Effects of fires in Canada still have no influence on the continent and the Azores


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The Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) clarified today that the levels of particles in mainland Portugal and in the Azores “do not show yet” the influence, on the surface, of the cloud of smoke generated by fires in Canada.

In a clarification, APA states that the levels of particulate matter measured against the air quality index classes remain at ‘Good’ and ‘Very Good’ in mainland Portugal and the Azores.

On Monday, the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) indicated that the cloud of smoke particles from the fires in Canada had been affecting the islands of the Azores since Sunday, and would later spread to the mainland.

According to IPMA, the concentrations of these pollutants are below the established legal limits and therefore should not pose any threat to human health.

The APA explains today that it monitors, through the ‘QualAr’ system, the data measured continuously at all stations in the country, in almost real time.

“According to the data measured at various stations in mainland Portugal and the Azores, there are, to date, levels of particles that do not show the influence, at surface level, of the cloud of smoke from fires in Canada, keeping the order of magnitude of the levels measured within the classes of air quality index ‘Good’ and ‘Very Good’,” says the agency.

The APA also refers that in the archipelago of Madeira is occurring since Monday an episode of transport of particulate matter and natural dust originating in arid regions of the deserts of North Africa, which continues today, however, “the levels measured have not exceeded the limit value for protection of human health and do not represent any problem for the health of the population.

The forest fires, which have ravaged Canada for weeks, have emitted significant amounts of gases and particles into the atmosphere that are carried and dispersed by the winds.

“A cyclonic circulation, associated with a depression centered northwest of the Azores, has promoted the large-scale transport of these pollutants, mainly carbon monoxide, along the North Atlantic, having reached the Azores region last Tuesday, June 13,” said IPMA.

Thousands of firefighters from various countries around the world, including Portugal, are fighting the active fires in Canada, with the most affected region being the province of Quebec.

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