Electricity prices unchanged in the second half of the year


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ERSE – Energy Services Regulatory Authority approved the maintenance of electricity prices for the regulated market as of today, but the average price increased 1% this year compared to 2022.

In a statement released on June 15, the regulator said it approved for domestic consumers who remain in the regulated market, or who, even if they are in the free market, have opted for an equivalent tariff that prices for sales to end customers in normal low voltage (BTN) “do not undergo any change” in July, compared to June. According to ERSE, this universe includes 969 thousand clients that represented 6.7% of total consumption in April.

According to ERSE, “compared to the average price in 2022, consumers will observe, in 2023, an increase of 1.0% in the final sale price”, indicating that this increase is lower than the one previously announced for this year, of 3.3%, due to the reduction that the final customer sale tariffs observed in April.

According to ERSE, prices for a couple without children (power 3.45 kVA [kilovoltampere], consumption 1900 kWh/year [kilowatt-hours]) will thus remain at 36.62 euros, and for a couple with two children (power 6.9 kVA, consumption 5000 kWh/year) at 92.43 euros.

Consumers with social tariffs “continue to benefit from a 33.8% discount on end user tariffs, as established by the dispatch of the member of the Government responsible for energy.

The regulator also indicated that, for the Autonomous Region of the Azores, clients in BTN will see a 1.9% drop in prices and, in Madeira, the price will go down 2.2%.

ERSE, which had already disclosed the proposal on April 28, said that “this exceptional fixing of tariffs aims to adjust the energy tariff and the grid access tariffs to current market conditions,” arising, in particular, “from the update of the General Economic Interest Cost (CIEG) associated with electricity generation, and whose benefit for the grid access tariffs will be less than initially estimated” for this year.

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