Extramuralhas Festival brings 22 shows to Leiria in the biggest edition ever


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The 12th edition of the gothic festival Extramuralhas will be the biggest ever, with 22 shows in four venues in Leiria between August 24 and 26, the organization announced.

There are 21 concerts and a performance spread across the Igreja da Pena, Leiria Castle, Jardim Luís de Camões, Teatro José Lúcio da Silva and Stereogun, with “absolutely historic names”, but also several “emerging bands within the alternative circuit”, the president of the Fade In association, which organizes the festival, explained to Lusa.

A significant part of the program includes “bands with more than 30 years of career” and several “very impactful names”, said Carlos Matos

Switzerland’s The Young Gods are the most popular band on a line-up that includes Clock DVA, Esplendor Geométrico and Corpus Delicti – “a historic band that has now returned to activity”. Among the emerging acts, the spotlight is on De Nuit, Walt Disco, Dits and Lili Refrain.

“And then there’s the ‘icing on the cake’, which is the multidisciplinary performance by Ultima Vez, a dance company by Belgian Wim Vandekeybus, with the special participation of performer Olivier de Sagazan”, which “will have an absolutely fabulous impact on the José Lúcio da Silva Theatre”.

The organizer anticipates “a very dynamic edition” in which, as usual, a wide range of styles will fit, and even more so in the “biggest edition ever”:

“Extramuralhas, although it has the epithet of gothic festival, embraces many musical movements with different aesthetics: from post-punk, to dark wave, minimal wave, gothic rock, yes. But also noise rock, neoclassical music, ritualistic music and techno music, too.”

Among the 22 names on show are projects from 13 European nationalities, as well as two Portuguese bands. Half of the shows are free, which, according to Carlos Matos, is in line with Fade In’s concern for inclusion.

“The fact that almost 50% of the program is free gives people who are unaware of these aesthetic movements the chance to enjoy and get to know certain bands and musical genres for the first time,” he said.

The initiative to open concerts to the public began in the festival’s most recent years and has had an effect:

“There’s a young audience that’s embracing the moment. It’s very interesting that we’re using the part of the program that’s free to attend to build an audience in the medium or short term.”

New this year is the adoption of a motto: “Equality and respect have no gender”. According to Carlos Matos, the intention is to “combat any kind of racial or gender discrimination”.

The festival kicks off on August 24 with concerts by Lili Refrain (Italy), Venin Carmin (France), Ductape (Turkey), The Young Gods (Switzerland) and Lith Li (Spain) and the multidisciplinary performance “Hands do not touch your precious me”, by Wim Vandekeybus’ Belgian company Ultima Vez.

Performing in Leiria on August 25 are Capela das Almas (Portugal), Twin Noir (Germany), Esplendor Geométrico (Spain), Clock DVA (England), Ditz (England), Corpus Delicti (France), Denuit (France) and Melanie Havens (Germany).

The last day of Extramuralhas, August 26, will feature shows by Iamtheshadow (Portugal), Girls in Synthesis (England), Gggolddd (Netherlands), Grave Pleasures (Finland), Walt Disco (Scotland), Das Ich (Germany), Leæther Strip (Denmark) and Eskil Simonsson (Sweden).

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