Faro Municipality raffles off the first 90 homes for sale at controlled costs


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In Teatro das Figuras theatre received this Wednesday, the draw for the allocation of 90 homes under a controlled cost, divided by two blocks currently under construction in the area of Lejana de Baixo, next to Estrada da Senhora da Saúde and Rua Capitães de Abril. The first of the buildings should be completed by the end of the year, while the other is scheduled for completion by the end of the first quarter of 2024.

In a press release, the Municipality explains that a total of 780 people applied for these homes, and a total of 734 applicants were admitted, in accordance with the requirements, grouped by the various categories and allocated to the homes according to the percentages defined – the disabled (20%); young people under the age of 36 (60%), and the general contingent (20%).

Of these, a total of 393 candidates were admitted to T1 (of which 6 disabled, 120 from the general contingent and 267 young people); 247 to T2 (13 disabled, 107 from the general contingent and 127 young people) and 94 to T3 (4 disabled, 30 from the general contingent and 60 young people).

Under these conditions, a total of 18 one-bedroom apartments were drawn (3 allocated to the disabled, 3 to the general contingent and 12 to young people). In the T2 typology, 38 apartments were drawn (7 allocated to the disabled, 7 to the general contingent and 24 to young people). In the typology T3, a total of 34 apartments were drawn: 6 for the disabled, 6 for the general contingent and 22 for young people.

According to their preferential condition, the disabled people who were not drawn in their category, were again integrated in their category, being allocated to the general quota category or young people, according to their age, at the date of application. After the drawing of lots, there was also a drawing for the constitution of a hierarchical list of 90 substitutes, organized exclusively by typology.

After five days from the draw date, the list with the dwellings attributed to the effective candidates and the hierarchized list of the substitute candidates will be posted, through a public notice and on the Municipality of Faro’s website.

The winners of the raffle now have a maximum period of 90 days to sign the promissory contract of purchase and sale of the property, which can be extended for another 30 days in duly justified cases.

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