Golden Visa – A Golden Opportunity for Investors 2023


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Portugal’s Golden Visa Program is closing soon. Act now and invest in high-demand real estate to secure your family’s future and an EU passport.

Over the past few years, Portugal’s Golden Visa Program has attracted thousands of investors from across the globe, presenting a unique opportunity to secure not only a promising real estate investment but also a gateway to European residency and citizenship. The program offers a path to Portuguese citizenship in just five years for non-EU investors, with the straightforward requirement of staying in the country for only seven days per year.
Golden Visa - A Golden Opportunity for Investors 2023
Portugal’s real estate market has been on the rise for several years, with property values steadily increasing by 20% annually. These investments have been particularly attractive to international investors as they offer considerable returns. Furthermore, the Portuguese government encourages long-term rental contracts, providing additional incentives for property owners.
Golden Visa - A Golden Opportunity for Investors 2023
Investment opportunities start from as low as €280,000 for certain hotel projects, and €350,000 for rehabilitation of old buildings into modern apartments. These projects are managed by well-known hotel brands or situated in prime locations such as the Madeira Island – voted the best island in the world for several consecutive years.
Golden Visa - A Golden Opportunity for Investors 2023
Investors from all over the world, including the US, Asia, and the Middle East, have benefited from DRP Advisers’ expert guidance throughout the Golden Visa application process. However, the opportunity is soon coming to an end, as the Portuguese government has approved the termination of the Golden Visa Program.
The legislation process is progressing, with the final vote scheduled for July 19. While the exact deadline for new applications is still uncertain, experts anticipate that applications may be accepted until around August 10. Therefore, it is crucial to act immediately to ensure eligibility under the current program.

DRP Advisers

DRP Advisers, a leading consultancy firm specializing in real estate and Golden Visa Program, offers a comprehensive service, guiding investors from the initial choice of investment to the final steps of acquiring Portuguese citizenship. Our team of experts is ready to assist prospective investors in securing their investment and Golden Visa before the impending legislative changes take effect.
Golden Visa - A Golden Opportunity for Investors 2023
Don’t let this golden opportunity pass you by. Invest in Portugal’s lucrative real estate market and secure a future for your family in the European Union. Contact us today to start your journey with DRP Advisers: BOOK FREE CONSULTATION
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