Gothenburg Film Festival programs Portuguese cinema


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Eight films produced in Portugal, including “Légua” and “A Flor do Buriti”, will be shown at the Gothenburg Film Festival, which begins on the 26th in Sweden, the organization announced today.

Most of the films selected are Portuguese co-productions and feature in the “Voyage” program. Among them is “Légua”, a fiction film co-written by Filipa Reis and João Miller Guerra and featuring female characters in a manor house near Amarante.

The film stars actress Carla Maciel, opposite non-professional actress Fátima Soares, and has already been screened in Portugal.

“A Flor do Buriti” is a film by Brazilian director Renée Nader Messora and Portuguese director João Salaviza, which has already won awards at festivals, including Cannes in 2023, and was shot with the Krahô people of Brazil, in the Kraholândia indigenous land, where the two authors had already made “Chuva é Cantoria na Aldeia dos Mortos” in 2019.

In Gothenburg, the film “The Horn of the Rye”, by Spanish director Jaione Camborda, which won the 2023 San Sebastian festival (Spain), will also be shown.

“O Corno do Centeio” is Jaione Camborda’s second feature film, co-produced by Spain, Belgium and Portugal, where filming took place, with the participation of the production company Bando à Parte.

The film follows María, a woman who lives from shellfish harvesting and is a midwife, who is forced to leave the country, crossing the border into Portugal via a smuggling route.

The festival also chose two works with minority co-production by Rosa Filmes: “Essential Truths of the Lake”, by Filipino filmmaker Lav Diaz, and “Eureka”, by Argentinian Lisandro Alonso.

Filipa Reis co-produced, for Uma Pedra no Sapato, the first feature film by Mongolian director Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir, entitled “City of Wind”. Cinematography by Vasco Viana and music by Vasco Mendonça.

There will also be two more experimental works: the film essay “AI: African Intelligence”, by Malian author Manthia Diawara, a co-production between Senegal, Belgium and Portugal (through Maumaus/Lumiar Cite), and “O auge do humano 3”, by Argentinian Eduardo Williams, shot in various locations around the world, using a 360-degree camera and with the participation of the production company Oublaum Filmes.

The 47th Gothenburg Film Festival will run until February 4th.

Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi

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