Government open to extending progression accelerator to individual contracts


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The government is available to “not leave anyone out,” regardless of their contract, be it individual employment contracts, nominees, or public employment contracts, according to Fesap.

Government open to extending progression accelerator to individual contracts

The Federation of Public Administration Trade Unions (Fesap) said this Wednesday that the Government has expressed openness to study the possibility of extending to workers with individual contracts the measure that foresees accelerating career progressions as of 2024.

“With regard to the progression accelerator bill, we express our concerns to the Government that no one should be left out, regardless of the nature of their contract, whether they are CITs [individual employment contracts], nominees, or public employment contracts, because everyone was penalized by the freezing periods,” said Fesap leader José Abraão.

The unionist was speaking to journalists at the end of a meeting with the Secretary of State for Public Administration, Inês Ramires, at the Ministry of the Presidency, in Lisbon, where the regime for accelerating career development was being discussed. This regime foresees progressions, starting in 2024, for workers with six points in the performance evaluation (instead of the current 10) and with 18 years or more in their careers, who have been affected by the freezes.

According to José Abraão, in the Government’s answer “the possibility of studying the CIT issue was not excluded (…), specifically in hospitals”, believing that during the negotiation a solution will be found that includes these workers.

Government open to extending progression accelerator to individual contracts

The Government’s proposal provides that workers who have 18 or more years in the career, covering the freezing periods that occurred between 2005 and 2007 and between 2011 and 2017, may progress with six points in the performance evaluation (compared to the 10 years currently required).

This reduction of points is applicable only once to each worker, as of 2024, covering 349 thousand workers, according to the Government. José Abraão also said that the Secretary of State presented a draft diploma on IT careers, and that the transition of about five thousand workers to the new careers is at stake.

The process of IT careers will now begin to be negotiated, but according to the union official, a “significant increase” is foreseen for system technicians (who will be positioned between the 14th and 35th salary positions) and for system specialists(between the 24th and 58th positions). The Secretary of State received, besides Fesap, the Common Front and the Union of State Technical Staff (STE).

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