HISTORIC! Portugal wins and guarantees its first-ever qualification for the World Cup!


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That’s it! History was made in Portuguese women’s soccer! The National Team beat Cameroon, 2-1, this Wednesday, with a scare in between, and ensured an unprecedented qualification for the 2023 World Cup, which will be played in Australia and New Zealand.

The captains of Francisco Neto entered very strong and early dominated the match. Right at 2′, Jéssica Silva, with a cross / shot, sniffed the goal, for safe defense of Biya, Cameroonian goalkeeper of only 16 years. One minute later, Kika Nazareth’s head hit the crossbar, following a corner by Andreia Norton. Cameroon still tried to counter-attack, especially Njoya, but Portugal always managed to prevent the Africans from reaching the net with much danger.

Francisco Neto was giving instructions, mainly to Kika Nazareth and Catarina Amado, and the goal would come. In the 22nd minute, Kika Nazareth shot to the post and Diana Gomes, taking advantage of the leftovers, scored.

Until half-time, and after Portugal’s goal, the game calmed down, with Cameroon trying to react. Njoya, at 31′, put Patrícia Morais to the test. Three minutes later (34′), apprehension, after a throw of Ana Borges, which came to be reviewed by VAR for a possible direct red for the Portuguese. The referee, after consulting the VAR, ordered to follow. At 45′, Carole sniffed the goal, with a beautiful shot to save Biya. Before going to the locker room, Cameroon had an opportunity. Kika’s foul on the edge of the area, for a dangerous free kick by Njoya, which was saved well and safely by Patrícia Morais.

In the second half, Portugal started well again and Andreia Norton, at 51′, with a shot from the middle of the street, hit the bar. Two minutes later, in a counter-attack, Kika Nazareth shot on goal to Biya’s defense.

At 55′, another throw for VAR analysis, for a step by Jéssica Silva, but it was considered not worthy of a red card. A few moments later (56′) setback for Francisco Neto. Catarina Amado was injured and had to leave, Joana Marchão coming in her place.

On 64′ it was Gabriel Zabo who had to move, putting Mbeleck in place of the injured Meyong.

Portugal came close to a second at 66′, with a shot from Kika, after a beautiful play by Jéssica Silva. The shot went over the goal of Biya. At 70′ new danger in the area of Cameroon, with the same players: Kika and Biya, with the goalkeeper taking the best again.

At 84′, scare for Portugal. Abam scored and even celebrated, but the throw would be annulled by offside of the Cameroonian. After the warning, the goal. Njoya, just before the 90′, shot the equalizer.

In a crazy ending, Portugal went ahead again, at 90+4′, with Carole Costa, through a penalty kick, to ‘punish’ a handball from a Cameroonian player to Andreia Jacinto’s shot.

Portugal managed to keep the lead until the end, thus achieving an unprecedented qualification for the 2023 World Cup, which will be held in Australia and New Zealand from July 20 to August 20. The equipa das quinas will integrate group E, with the United States (current world champions), the Netherlands (world runners-up) and Vietnam.

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