Houses with swimming pool for head diving from 70.000 euros


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We present the villas and apartments with swimming pool for sale in Portugal from 70,000 euros. They are a real dream.

It looks like warmth is here to stay even though it is still April, and if you are looking for a new home you might consider a home with a pool to enjoy the warmer days of spring and of course summer.

When we talk about houses with swimming pool we immediately think of spacious villas with large gardens and prices that are not affordable for everyone. However, nowadays it is possible to find houses for sale with swimming pool from 70,000 euros. We will explain you all about finding a villa or apartment in a condominium with pool that will leave you quite satisfied.

Why does everyone look for houses with a pool?

The reasons why everyone looks for homes with a pool are varied, but we find common ground among buyers, whether it’s by those who prefer to have a home with a private pool, or live in a condominium with a pool.

Whether by design and aesthetics or simply the fact that it’s a place to cool off in the summer, a pool in a villa or condominium undoubtedly creates a magical atmosphere. Here are some of the reasons why the Portuguese covet it:

  • Flexibility: you’ll be able to relax in the tranquility of the pool, and if it’s a private pool you won’t have to think about the neighbors next door. Relax, enjoy the sun and the outdoors, and improve your health and physical condition;
  • Pool design: pools are becoming more and more aesthetic, in different shapes and lined from eclectic materials, such as mosaics or marbles. Have you ever thought about a sand pool, an infinity pool, a pool with a fountain, or a simple and elegant rectangular pool? You can have an incredible space for great outdoor gatherings;
    Property appreciation: don’t forget that the presence of a pool, private or in condominium, adds value to the property, a differentiating factor if you want to sell the house in the future;
  • Safety: with a pool you can teach children to swim as soon as possible. In addition, they are usually safer spaces than beaches, even though it is essential to keep an eye on the younger ones.
    How to use the nautical style in houses and apartments with a pool?

The navy or nautical style in houses and apartments with a pool is probably the best decoration option for those who are looking for lighter and more relaxed rooms, with ocean color. You can start by using colors like white, blue, green, orange or red, which look good on walls, furniture, candles, and also some pictures with ship landscapes or a huge picture of a sunset by the beach.

The nautical style also uses specific decorative objects, such as boats and anchors, which look good in offices and living rooms. As for the furniture, armchairs and sofas should favor light tones, resistant and even waterproof fabrics to overcome the serenity of the cooler mornings.

When combined, all these elements ensure a home with a nautical style that is quite unique and especially cozy.

Does the shape of the pool influence the price of the property?

One of the elements to consider is the shape of the pool, which can really influence the price of the property. Pools in houses and apartments exist for all tastes, some with more rectangular shapes others circular, but always appealing.

You should also consider what you would like to have in the area around the pool. In villas you can create a sunbathing area, a small playground for the children, or even a large flower garden. The characteristics and quality of the garden will also influence the price.

The solution may be to buy a house or apartment with a pool in need of renovation, so you can customize it quickly and economically.

Tricks for keeping the house cool in summer

Besides the pool there are other tricks that can help you get through the hottest days. It is important to adopt certain behaviors at home so as not to make it uncomfortable or too hot during the summer season. Follow these three tips that will make a difference:

  • Close the curtains at the hottest times: when the sun is most exposed, you can draw the curtains, especially if you spend less time at home. Once you get home, you can take advantage of the drafts by keeping windows and doors open at the same time;
  • Decorate with plants: in addition to the navy colors of the navy style, you can place plants in strategic areas of the home to keep it fresh;
    Use plants and flowers: they will freshen the air, absorb heat, and make the house more colorful. Daisies, chrysanthemums, and petunias are excellent options.
  • To save energy, you can use the air conditioner less often and alternatively replace the fabrics and sheets in the house with cooler ones, such as cotton and linen. Of course, a dip in the pool will also help a lot to lower the temperature, so you can explore the wide range of pool houses for sale from 70,000 euros and start imagining summer afternoons by the water.

Dive into the cheapest pool houses and apartments

Ready to buy a villa or apartment with a pool? Dive into the cheapest properties for sale in Portugal:


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