Hundreds of demonstrations and strikes today in the CGTP’s national day of struggle


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Hundreds of strikes, demonstrations, sit-ins and plenary sessions are being held all over the country today as part of the CGTP’s national day of struggle to demand wage increases and protest against the rising cost of living.

Among the actions planned for the CGTP’s national day of struggle are plenary meetings, concentrations outside companies and strikes in several town halls throughout the country and in companies such as Matutano, Lactogal, Nobre, EDP stores and Altice Group.

Demonstrations are also planned in Lisbon and Porto, starting at 3:00 PM, and in the public administration, the nurses’ national strike begins today.

Also on strike nationwide are the workers of the distribution companies, who will concentrate outside several stores in the country.

“We will have a national day of struggle from north to south and also in the islands, with both the public administration and private sectors, with a very wide range of plenary meetings, with workers going to the door of the workplaces to demand their rights,” CGTP leader Ana Pires told Lusa on Tuesday.

The workers “have a central demand, which is also the demand of the national action itself, to increase wages, guarantee rights and against the increase in the cost of living,” stressed the trade unionist, adding that it is necessary to “respond to the difficult living conditions of workers” who face the increase in prices of essential goods and housing.

For the CGTP, “it is urgent to raise salaries and pensions, put an end to the speculation that benefits the big economic groups, control and reduce the prices of essential goods and services, tax the profits of big companies and change the course of the policy that has been followed and that pushes a growing number of workers into poverty.

The CGTP is demanding an increase in wages for all workers by at least 10% with a minimum of 100 euros, a rise in the minimum wage to 850 euros and other measures to respond to the rising cost of living.

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