International Festival of the Azores returns with “Six Navigational Routes”


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The dolphins were not shy and appeared on Tuesday afternoon to celebrate the 18th edition of the event that returns to the archipelago betting again on “multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism and artistic diversity.

“Ithink the project has a lot of ground to walk because in addition to putting the arts in dialogue – and that in itself is wonderful – it puts them in dialogue with the public. Which is even more wonderful. These are the words of actor António Capelo, and the exchange he speaks of was evident on the entirely Portuguese boat, Gomary, chosen as the stage for the launch of the 18th International Festival of the Azores (FIA).

The FIA returns to the Azorean archipelago from August 31 to September 16 and will reach the nine islands with a program based on “Six Navigation Routes”: the performing arts route; the classical music route; the Brazilian music route; the jazz route; the masters route (several master classes and workshops are scheduled during the event) and, finally, the word route (with a focus on poetry). Themes such as feminism, the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Russian composer and musician Rachaminoff, and the inclusion of Ukrainian refugees in the islands will also be in focus.

The festival (you can check the program here) focuses on “multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism and artistic diversity”, promising to explore “new ways of creating artistic relationships with Azorean communities and the diaspora,” explains Tiago Nunes, director of the FIA, in a statement.

“What I like most, apart from the idea of going through all the islands, is the diversity of artists. It’s very rare to have a show where there are people as diverse as Maria João, Rita Blanco or the great pianist Artur Pizarro, among many others. It’s really an important and very unusual mix in Portugal and it’s something that should be ‘provoked’ more often,” Herman José told , an artist who has also received attention for his 50-year career and who will participate in the festival.

“This invitation is a very discreet way of talking about it [celebrating 50 years of career], not least because there is nothing that delights me about making 50 years of career since I am reminded of the sad reality of not being entitled to another 50… unless it goes into the Guinness Book of Records,” said the artist in the humorous tone that has always distinguished him.

Speaking of boarding and lulling, the Tagus dolphins were not shy and appeared to briefly accompany Gomary on his short walk next to the 25th of April Bridge.

Actor António Capelo will also leave his mark on the Terceira and Pico islands. “The idea is to transform a show that would be mine alone, starting with poetry and music, and make it something more encompassing, working with people [the audience]. This is a project that has a lot of ground to cover because besides putting the arts in dialogue – and that in itself is wonderful – it puts them in dialogue with the public. Which is even more wonderful,” he confessed us.

Everything is moving towards the same goal: to make the Azorean culture better known and to bring to the archipelago a cultural offer that is not very common in the islands. “This is one of the territories that has more telluric potential, thanks to this type of events that maybe 20 years ago weren’t possible because the mentality wasn’t prepared for so much,” says pianist Adriano Jordão.

The video from the last years 17e Festival:


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