IRS extends deadline for reporting household changes to February 27


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The same deadline applies for reporting long-term leases.

The Government announced this Thursday the extension until February 27 for taxpayers to inform the tax authorities of their household, and this is also the deadline to inform long term rental contracts.

The Ministry of Finance explains, in a statement, that the deadline for taxpayers to report household changes occurring in 2022 had ended on Wednesday, February 15, and taxpayers now have 12 more days to do so.

Deadlines have also been extended for other reporting obligations, such as reporting the attendance at an educational institution of a dependent earning income, the allocation of expenses and real estate to the taxpayer’s activity, and the reporting of long-term rental contracts, the Ministry indicates.

“All these declarative obligations had a deadline of February 15 and can now be fulfilled without penalty until February 27,” he points out.

The Government indicates that the decision is justified, on the one hand, “taking into account the occasional IT constraints that have occurred in the Finance Portal” and, on the other hand, “the creation of conditions for taxpayers to properly communicate that information, allowing them to make a correct and timely settlement of the IRS.

It is recalled that the 2023 IRS filing campaign for income earned in 2022 runs from April 1 to June 30 for all income categories.

Updating the household is one of the first steps in preparing for the filing of the annual tax return, which begins on April 1, and which impacts tax assessment, since the Tax Authority (AT) uses this information to calculate the tax owed by taxpayers.

This communication is relevant in cases where, during the previous year, there were changes in the household due to death, marriage, divorce, adoption or birth of children, change in parental agreement, or change in permanent residence.

Without this updated information, the AT will take into account the personal and family data on the tax return submitted last year.

The household update can be done through the Finance Portal, and this is the moment to also indicate the situations in which the children exceed the age at which they are no longer considered dependent for IRS purposes.

The household validation also allows taxpayers to benefit from the automatic IRS (if they meet the income profile required for this) and allows the AT to make the necessary calculations so that people exempt from submitting the IRS declaration can obtain and benefit from the exemption of moderate fees in the National Health Service, the social tariff for electricity or social support, for example.

This step is also relevant for the purposes of enrollment in public schools, and the update must refer to the composition of the household on the last day of the previous year.

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