IRS refunds total 2,500 ME reaching 2.5 million households


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The value of the IRS refunds issued by the tax authorities totals 2.5 billion euros, having reached around 2.5 million households, according to data advanced by the Secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs.

“At this moment the AT [Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira] has already issued refunds to about 2.5 million households and the total amount refunded is about 2.5 billion euros,” State Secretary Nuno Santos Félix.

According to the governor, that number corresponds to 153,000 more personal income tax returns refunded and about 90 million euros more tax refunded than in the same period last year.

The governor advanced these data at a time when there are taxpayers on social networks to complain that they still do not receive the refund despite the declaration being, for several weeks, given as ‘certain’ or the fact that it remains to ‘await validation’ for several days or weeks.

According to Nuno Santos Félix, the average reimbursement term has been around two weeks for those who entered through the automatic route and around three weeks in the remaining cases.

The governor signals, however, that the settlement of IRS declarations “depends on the specific circumstances of each taxpayer, their type of income, their type of benefits, and often even the type of divergences that can be generated and verification needs.

At this moment, the AT has already liquidated around 4.5 million declarations, and this is the step in which the account is made and the amount of tax that each taxpayer has to pay or to receive is determined in relation to what was withheld in the year to which the income relates and the deductions and benefits to which he or she is entitled.

Before settlement, the declaration goes through several stages. After being submitted by the taxpayer, the declaration is subject to a series of validations that may or may not result in alerts. Once this stage is completed, it is taken as ‘certain’, at which point a number of central validations take place, and then moves on to settlement.

The filing of the annual IRS return, for income earned in 2022, began on April 1 and ends on June 30.

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