Israeli community says Portugal should “strengthen” support for Israel


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“Theleadership of the Israelite Community of Lisbon welcomes the position expressly taken yesterday by the Prime Minister of Portugal to strongly condemn Iran’s attack on Israel and to call for restraint in order to avoid an escalation of violence,” reads the statement released today, which “calls on the Portuguese Parliament to adopt the same position.”

For the Israeli Community of Lisbon (CIL) “standing by Israel at a time like this is an imperative for democratic nations”.

For the CIL, “Portugal – no matter which way you look at it – is today directly involved in a regional conflict and is an unquestionable victim of proxy war,” in a reference to Iran’s seizure of a Portuguese-flagged ship in the Strait of Hormuz.

It adds that, in the face of these acts of aggression, “Portugal will be able to rise to the occasion, maintaining and even strengthening its support for Israel”.

CIL also considered the capture of the ship to be a “serious act of aggression”, considering that this “flagrant violation of international law should merit the careful attention of the Portuguese state and government” and that it was “the same military forces that attacked and captured a Portuguese-flagged ship” that attacked Israel on Saturday.

“As well as flying the national flag, this is a ship owned by an Israeli citizen. In other words, for extremist terrorists, be they organizations (like Hamas) or states (like Iran), the means fully justify the ends and the ends, as is well known, include the destruction of Israel and its people. This is obviously unacceptable and unacceptable,” says CIL.

The statement ends by saying that “democracy and peace must prevail” and that the prayers of the Israeli community are with Israel and its people and with the crew of the Portuguese-flagged ship.

Portuguese Prime Minister Luís Montenegro today condemned Iran’s ongoing attack on Israel, calling for restraint in hostilities to “avoid an escalation of violence”.

Iran launched a drone attack on Israel “from its territory” on Saturday night, the Israeli army spokesman confirmed in a televised speech.

Tensions between Israel and Iran have risen in recent weeks following the bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus on April 1, in which seven members of the Revolutionary Guard and six Syrian citizens died.

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Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi

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