Lisbon City Council approves 100 ME for Gebalis to rehabilitate municipal neighborhoods


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The Lisbon Municipal Assembly today approved the city council’s proposal to allocate 100 million euros to the company Gebalis for rehabilitation works in municipal neighborhoods until 2026, a sum that adds to the 42 million already made available.

At the assembly meeting, the proposal to allocate new money to Gebalis – Management of Lisbon Municipal Neighborhoods was made possible with the abstention of Chega and Livre and the votes in favor of BE, PEV, PCP, two independent deputies of Cidadãos Por Lisboa (elected by the PS/Livre coalition), PS, PSD, PAN, IL, MPT, PPM, Aliança and CDS-PP.

In the presentation of the proposal, the councilor for Housing and Municipal Works, Filipa Roseta (PSD), said that these 100 million euros are added to the 42 million already allocated to Gebalis, totaling 142 million, which will allow intervention in 8,500 dwellings, including for the removal of asbestos, structural reinforcements and promotion of energy efficiency of the building, and in 1,550 empty fractions, which need minor works to be made available again.

Filipa Roseta explained that the 142 million euros are intended to “give dignity to municipal neighborhoods” and are part of the 800 million package that the municipality has to intervene in housing, with the remaining amount to continue supporting all segments of the population, namely the middle class, through affordable rent.

At the proposal of the council, the deputies enabled non-financial support from the municipality for the second edition of the Kalorama music festival, for a total estimated value of €843,302, of which €416,342 with the exemption of municipal taxes.

This proposal had the votes against of BE, Livre, PEV, PCP, two deputies of Cidadãos Por Lisboa, PAN, IL, PPM and Chega, the abstention of PS and MPT, and the votes in favor of PSD, Aliança and CDS-PP.

In political statements, Rodrigo Mello Gonçalves, from IL, expressed concern about the decentralization of competences in the area of education, considering that it was a “poorly prepared and poorly conducted process”, criticizing the “incompetence” of the central State and stating that “it is the responsibility of the Government” to ensure the works in the 28 schools in Lisbon in need of intervention.

In response, Councilwoman Filipa Roseta said that the executive had a meeting with the Minister of Territorial Cohesion, Ana Abrunhosa, in which “very positive steps” were taken to resolve this situation, in order to ensure “the full payment of all the work”.

At the proposal of the PEV, the assembly approved, with Chega abstaining and the others voting in favor, a motion for the Government to support all initiatives to “de-plasticize society in a significant dose, contributing to the promotion and use of alternative media”.

The deputies also made possible a PAN recommendation for the council to promote an efficient campaign for animal protection, health and welfare in the city, namely against the abandonment of pets in the summer season and responsible adoption of animals in the custody of the Casa dos Animais de Lisboa.

Two PCP recommendations were also approved for measures to combat hate speech in Lisbon and to ensure proper repairs to the municipal swimming pools of Arroios, São Vicente and the Casal Vistoso Sports Complex, in order to reopen them to serve the people.

Unanimously, the assembly enabled a vote of regret by the PS, also signed by BE, Livre, CDS-PP and PSD, for the death of historian José Mattoso, who died on Saturday, at the age of 90.

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