Meo rejects violation of rules and challenges Anacom’s judicial decision


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Meo “totally rejects” the violations of the rules charged by the regulator, which imposed a single fine of 117,500 euros, and has already filed a judicial challenge to the decision, an official source from Altice Portugal told Lusa today.

The Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (Anacom) has imposed a single fine of 117,500 euros on Meo, owned by Altice Portugal, for non-compliance in five situations, the regulator announced today.

Contacted by Lusa, an official source said that Meo “confirms that it has been notified of Anacom’s decision to impose a single fine of 117,500 euros on five situations of alleged non-compliance that occurred in 2019”.

The same source adds that “Meo totally rejects the violations of the rules imputed to it by the regulator in the case under consideration, and has therefore already submitted the competent judicial challenge to this decision”.

The regulator explains that it has imposed on Meo, in a legal combination, a single fine of 117,500 euros for finding that the company has failed to comply, in five situations, with rules applicable to the construction, access and installation of electronic communications networks and infrastructures”.

In question, he adds, “are four administrative offenses for Meo not having used the telecommunications infrastructures already installed in the buildings, having made changes to the infrastructures in question, when they allowed to support the services to be provided and the technology to be made available, and an administrative offense for having connected a telecommunications infrastructure of the building to the public communications networks on a date prior to the issuance of the respective term of responsibility for the execution of the installation “.

Anacom stresses that “the conduct adopted jeopardizes the proper functioning of electronic communications services, legally considered essential services, insofar as changes were made to infrastructures already installed that were suitable for the provision of services and because a building’s telecommunications infrastructure was connected to the public communications network without the respective term of responsibility for execution having been previously issued by a duly accredited installer”.

Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi

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