Ministry of Agriculture extends to July 31 the deadline for applications to the Single Application


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The Ministry of Agriculture and Food has extended until July 31 the deadline for applications to the Single Application 2023 (PU 2023), under the Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plan (PEPAC), it was announced today.

In a note, the ministry justifies the extension with the “continuous and shared effort to solve the difficulties felt by farmers,” given the increased number of applications.

“We recognize this and want to correspond to what are considered the necessary conditions for the success of the whole process,” assured the minister, Maria do Céu Antunes, quoted in the note.

The deadline for applications was the 14th.

The ministry also highlighted that it “has responded quickly and effectively” with support for the exceptional events of 2022 and 2023, namely with support for energy costs and measures to cope with increases in production costs included in the Pact for Stabilization and Reduction of Food Prices, which “have already allowed the transfer of about 300 million euros to farmers.

On Thursday, four organizations representing farmers expressed “deep concern” about the Single Application, which “is resulting in a very low percentage of execution,” stressing that this situation requires “redoubled commitment” from the Ministry.

AJAP – Association of Young Farmers of Portugal, CAP – Portuguese Farmers’ Confederation, CNA – National Confederation of Agriculture, and Confagri – National Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives and Farm Credit of Portugal were the organizations to make public their fears.

The associations pointed out that, a week before the end of the campaign, 68% of the area defined in PEPAC, where the PU 2023 is located, had not been applied for.

More than 40,000 farmers had not yet submitted their applications.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Agriculture told Lusa that farmers have created 165,000 applications for the 2023 PU, with 140,500 being submitted.

In 2022, there were approximately 175,000 applications.

The PU is an application for direct payment of the aids that are part of the schemes subject to the Integrated Administration and Control System.

This application covers direct payments, coupled support, ecoregimes, rural development, natura network payments, maintenance of agricultural activity in less-favored areas, and forestry measures.

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