Nestlé Portugal raised all employees by 1,000 euros


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The annual due date has been revised to 2022 and is still
with the March settlement.

Nestlé Portugal has increased the salary of its employees by 1,000 euros per year in 2022, which will accumulate with the annual increase in March, the company announced.

“We have increased the annual salary of all employees in Portugal by 1,000 euros, which was more important for people who had a lower salary,” said the General Manager of Nestlé Portugal, Anna Lenz, speaking to journalists in Lisbon at the celebration of the company’s 100th anniversary.

These workers also benefit from the annual salary increase, which usually takes place in March.

677 million in 2022, an increase of 8.3% over the previous year.

“Sales reached 677 million euros, 52 million euros more than in 2021, which implies a growth of 8.3%,” said Nestlé Portugal’s Financial Director, Silvia Balcells, speaking at a press conference at the company’s headquarters in Lisbon.

This result includes exports worth 125 million euros.

Silvia Balcells pointed out that 2022 was a “complicated year for families, communities and also for companies”.

Thus, the company has reduced its profitability, in line with the results of the group in Europe.

Nestlé Portugal invested 73 million euros in 2022, of which 30 million in operations and 43 million to support marketing and communication activities.

“We are investing 73 million euros in 2022 […], 30 million in our operations and 43 million in marketing and support for our brands,” said Nestlé Portugal’s Chief Financial Officer, Silvia Balcells, speaking at a press conference at the company’s headquarters in Lisbon.

In terms of investments in the brand’s operations, Balcells highlighted improving plant efficiency and increasing capacity.

This includes renovation work at a time when the brand is celebrating its 100th anniversary in Portugal.

Nestlé expects to maintain this pace of investment until 2023.

Last year, more than 50 per cent of the total requirement of raw materials, packaging and services, amounting to 140 million euros, was sourced locally.

The General Manager of Nestlé Portugal, Anna Lenz, said today that the company intends to continue investing in this area, but stressed that it will not be possible to reach 100% “because the supply is limited”.

Nestlé owns brands such as Friskies, KitKat, Mocambo, Sical, Purina, Nescafé, Nestum and Cerelac.


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