New construction houses to debut from 60.000 euros


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These are new homes, recently built or under construction completely premiere and available at the most affordable prices.

If you are looking for a new house, you have probably already stumbled upon the exorbitant prices in today’s real estate market. It’s hard to find a new house that fits in your budget, right? But what if we told you that it is possible to find premiere new construction homes at very appealing prices? Yes, you read that right.

From the feeling of freshness, to the cleaner air, not forgetting the cozier environments and the innovative materials used in construction, new houses are synonymous with well-being and safety.

Customization and flexibility: the magic of new construction houses

The real estate sector continues to change and although new houses are not always built, there are several options in Portugal that are still looking for their first owner.

At this time when spring becomes more inviting to change we leave you with some reasons why new houses never cease to amaze. In fact, they are distinguished by:

  1. Architectural freedomhouses built from scratch are able to respond to anyone’s tastes, and also to reconcile this level of freedom with the comfort provided inside the property;
  2. Greater control: in a new construction house you can control everything from the start and have the flexibility to adapt it to your own way. New houses are better for preparing specific coverings and for being able to guarantee an extra level of security and peace of mind;
  3. Cost reduction: with a new house ready to be inhabited you won’t spend any money on remodeling. Because they are modern houses, they will already take into account acoustic insulation, thermal comfort and higher energy efficiency;
  4. Outdoor space: no one can live without a balcony, terrace, or garden anymore, especially after we all went through a pandemic. With new construction it is very easy to find properties with leisure areas and with outdoor space to get some air at the end of the day;
  5. Potentials: new houses adapt easily to your reality and can serve later to have an extra income. They are houses that can be transformed into whatever you want;

New houses are really fascinating because they don’t present any kind of drawbacks as do older houses in need of renovation outside and inside. Wear and tear, clogged pipes, structural problems, problems with humidity or infiltrations will no longer be a concern.

Buying a new house and the (almost) endless advantages

Walking into a newly built house ready to debut is a feeling that everyone deserves to discover at least once in their life. Besides this privilege it is easy to think of other benefits of buying a new house in Portugal:

  • High level of customization: with a new house, ready to debut, you can have a house just as you have always dreamed of. We talk about colors, textures, and even furniture.
  • Price: the lower the price, the more it pays to buy a new house. It is important to take advantage of discounts and campaigns, because newer construction tends to be more expensive due to high demand;
  • Useful area: did you know that new construction houses are usually larger? There is actually a greater concern for ensuring comfort, which is why rooms such as the kitchen, balconies, terraces, or garages are much larger;
  • Location: it will probably be easier to buy a new house in one of the big urban centers. Even so, there are some new houses built in quieter areas, where there is usually less traffic flow, which will help your routine and help those who want to escape stress;
  • Newness: the ‘newness’ factor is really one of the advantages of buying a new house. You can be sure that everything works properly and as it should;
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency: with the best level of energy efficiency you can have a low-energy house. It is common, therefore, that the price of water, electricity or natural gas will be lower. Don’t forget that these houses use sustainable resources in the building, such as solar panels.

Even if purchased at a lower price you can make some money in the future, should you decide to sell, because of its long-term market appreciation.

New construction houses: big or small?

A final question regarding new construction houses concerns their size. Is it preferable to buy a large or small new construction house? It will all effectively depend on the needs of each buyer and the lifestyle of his or her family.

While some are admirers of larger spaces, with spaces for the whole family and pets, others are in love with smaller, minimalist and cozier spaces, provided they have spacious balconies or gardens. While smaller houses are usually more affordable, larger ones are more expensive.

To save money and ensure the best investment, you can buy a large new construction house outside urban centers that is more attractively priced. Choosing between a large new home or a small new home may be just a matter of location. You should always think about the pros and cons to find the right answers.

To help you find the house you are looking for you can take a look at this list with more than 16,000 premiere homes for sale from 60,000 Euros. Discover the best opportunities, make the most beneficial decisions for your future, because buying a house is also a commitment, and start planning your new life now.

Find your new home and get ready to be the first to enter

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