Overnight stays exceed 2 million for the first time in the first quarter


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Overnight accommodations in March exceeded 855,8 thousand, generating 47,4 million Euros in revenue, of which 33.8 million Euros came from room rates.

Between January and March 2023, overnight stays in Madeira’s tourist accommodations surpassed two million for the first time in a first quarter, totaling nearly 2,3 million. Although these are projections for March 2023, they reveal that 88.8 percent of tourist accommodation establishments in the RAM recorded visitor movement in this month, indicating that the industry is experiencing a historic moment.

From January to March of 2023, “overnight stays in the total tourist accommodation in the Region increased by 52.8% compared to the same period last year, approaching 2.3 million,” or more specifically 2,275,676 overnight stays.

According to the Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira, the hotel industry had the highest proportion of establishments with visitor movements (89.9%), followed by rural tourism (89.2%) and local accommodations (88.8%).

Thus, “in March 2023, the number of overnight stays in tourist accommodation exceeded 855,8 thousand, a 32.7% increase compared to the same month (644.8 thousand overnight stays in March 2022)”, establishing a new record for that month, albeit provisionally.

According to DREM’s analysis of overnight accommodations in the principal source markets, “the French market stood out with the highest growth of 42.9%, followed by the German and British markets with increases of 31.9% and 10.9%, respectively.” On the national market, the number of overnight accommodations increased by 46.9% compared to March 2022.

Comparing “the reference period with March 2019 (pre-pandemic period),” the activity in tourism accommodation showed a 30.9% increase in overnight stays, with the market of foreign residents showing a 20.0% increase. There were positive variations in the British (+12.6%), French, and German markets (both with +10.0%) in this segment’s major markets. The domestic market maintained the growth observed over the past few months (+132.9%), which is more than 1.5 times the growth rate.

Back to the beginning, from January to March 2023, “the principal issuing markets also showed year-on-year growth in this variable, with the French market showing the most significant increase, of 68.5%, followed by the markets of residents in Portugal, Germany, and the United Kingdom, with year-on-year increases of 66.3%, 53.6%, and 36.5%, respectively,” he explains.

“Hotels concentrated 74.6% of the overnight stays (638.8 thousand) in March 2023, growing 25.8% year-over-year,” according to DREM, which is less than the growth of the other two segments: “local accommodation (22.8% of the total) grew 60.3% and rural tourism (2.55% of the total) grew 43.5%.”

For purposes of comparison with the national total, “excluding local accommodations with less than 10 beds, overnight stays in tourist accommodation registered a 27.9% increase compared to March 2022, slightly higher than the national level (+26.9%),” the DREM clarifies.

In conclusion, the direct incomes of all this activity, “the total incomes and the quarterly incomes, in March 2023, presented identical increases of 42.3% and 51.9%, respectively, establishing themselves, in the same order, at 47.4 and 33.8 million euros. In the reference month, the country’s total revenue and room revenue experienced positive year-over-year growth of 45.1% and 49.0%, respectively.

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