Parties spent about 7.9 million in the campaign for the 2022 Legislative. PS recorded the highest expenditure


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The parties with a parliamentary seat spent almost eight million euros in the campaign for the legislative elections of January 2022, with the PS having registered the highest expenditure, with about 3.3 million, it was disclosed today.

According to the campaign accounts released today by the Entidade das Contas e Financiamentos Políticos (ECFP), the parties with parliamentary seats spent 7,915,914 euros on the campaign for the legislative elections.

The descending order of spending corresponds to the votes cast at the polls, with the PS in the lead, followed by PSD, Chega, IL, BE, CDU, PAN, and Livre.

According to these accounts, the PS was the party that mobilized the most money, with 3,388,778 euros spent, of which the largest part (1,071,362 euros) was used for rallies, shows, and caravans, followed by 686,395 euros spent on campaign design, communication agencies, and market research.

The PS balance was slightly negative, since, according to the accounts communicated to the ECFP, the party collected revenues of around 3,385,040 euros, of which 2,671,451 came from the state subsidy.

The PSD recorded the second highest expenditure in the legislative campaign, with 1,858,865 euros spent. Similarly to the PS, the largest slice of the funds mobilized by the PSD was for the organization of rallies, shows and caravans, with 565,945 euros allocated for this purpose, followed by advertising, print and digital communication (480,388 euros).

The PSD balance was also slightly negative, as it collected 1,854,507 euros in revenue, of which 1,844,770 came from the state subsidy.

In third place comes Chega, with 615,390 euros in expenses, of which 178,514 were spent on structures, posters and canvases, and 115,287 on “gifts and other offers”. The balance registered by the party was positive, with revenues of 627,637 euros.

The Liberal Initiative (IL) was the fourth highest spending party, with 599,002 euros of expenditure, of which 153,988 went to structures, posters and canvases, and 128,483 to rallies, shows and caravans.

The balance of the IL was null, since revenues precisely matched expenses: €599,002.

Close to IL, and also registering a null balance, the Left Bloc had expenses of 590,428 euros, most of which (139,731 euros) went to structures, posters and canvases, followed by propaganda, printed and digital communication (139,381 euros).

Also around 500,000 euros, the United Democratic Coalition (CDU), which includes the PCP, recorded expenses of 551,771 euros, with more than half (269,476) allocated to administrative and operational costs, followed by 142,499 euros for propaganda, print and digital communication.

Like IL and BE, the CDU also had revenues equivalent to expenses: 551,771 euros.

Among the parties that managed to elect a single deputy, PAN registered expenses of 252,030 euros, with an equivalent revenue. Livre spent 59,650 euros on the campaign, also registering a zero negative balance.

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