Passenger on crowded train triggers alarm, CP apologizes


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A passenger on a train to Sintra triggered the alarm due to the overcrowding on the train. The train was stopped between Sete Rios and Benfica stations. CP apologized and announced an “internal evaluation of the incident”.

In another day of strike at CP, with more than 700 trains stopped until the end of the afternoon, this Wednesday night, a train with too many passengers was stopped on the line between Sete Rios and Benfica stations.

“It is suspected that the emergency brake has been triggered”, said the JN source of the Metropolitan Command of Lisbon PSP (Cometlis), around 21.30 hours, referring further clarification to CP. The confirmation came through a company statement, released at 00.30 hours this Thursday: “a passenger triggered the trainalarm signal” and with this action “activated the safety system, immediately immobilizing the train”.

CP announces that “an internal evaluation has been initiated” on the incident, which occurred at 19:43, when the train was circulating under the minimum services provided (25% of the connections), “in the direction of Lisbon Oriente – Sintra, with a delay of 45 minutes as a result of assistance provided to passengers on the immediately preceding trip.

“While the inspector followed the safety procedures and went to the carriage where the alarm signal had been activated,” the company added, “some passengers opened the carriage doors and walked out onto the track.”

The PSP was activated at 7:50 p.m. and “the focus was to help people get off the train and get to Benfica station safely,” at a “distance of about one kilometer along the line,” the Cometlis source added to JN.

But, according to CP, the PSP agents “with the help of CP workers removed a net panel that limits access to the train line and directed the passengers to the sidewalk, where they were safe.

“Although this incident did not cause any serious physical harm to the people on board, CP regrets the situation and apologizes to the affected passengers for any inconvenience caused,” the statement said.

Comboios de Portugal says the train followed with “full capacity.” Images and testimonies posted on social networks show overcrowded carriages with passengers standing.

“It was completely full… no more people could fit in,” said one passenger quoted by CNN Portugal. “There were several screams, people couldn’t breathe and started trying to open the doors and break the windows.”

Sandra Alves


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