PCP believes there is no reason to postpone career development in the civil service


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PCP MP António Filipe said today that there is no reason to postpone the upgrading of civil service careers, arguing that it could already have been done by the previous government and that it was a promise of the current one.

Speaking to journalists in parliament, António Filipe was asked about the exchange of letters between the Prime Minister, Luís Montenegro, and the PS leader, Pedro Nuno Santos, on the promotion of teachers, security forces, bailiffs and health professionals, but refused to comment on “private correspondence”.

The PCP MP stressed, however, that these are “fair demands from the professionals involved” and “must be resolved”, stressing that the PS, when it was government, could already have done so and recalling that it was a PSD promise in the last election campaign.

“At the moment, it’s the PSD and CDS that are in government and, therefore, we will obviously have to ask them to take responsibility for fulfilling what they promised voters,” he stressed, adding that “this will be done soon,” given that the government program will be discussed in parliament this week.

Asked if he thought this situation should be resolved now, António Filipe replied: “We even thought that it could have been decided by the previous government, even though they were already in office.”

“Therefore, we see no reason for these decisions to be delayed, not least because the commitments that the PSD made, when it was still in opposition, on the eve of the elections, were very affirmative in terms of promptness in resolving these problems,” he said.

António Filipe said that the PCP is waiting for this to be done and added that “it is only fair that the Portuguese demand that political decision-makers fulfill the promises they have made”.

Speaking to journalists, the PCP MP was asked about the words of former Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho who, on Monday, called for a “very strong signal” to be given to respond to those who expressed disappointment in the last elections and not to create theatrical disagreements in the political arena.

In his response, António Filipe said that the PCP is aware of Pedro Passos Coelho’s thinking and remembers his governance, stressing that both are “in the complete opposite direction” of what the PCP stands for.

“We can’t say that it’s a surprise and, therefore, it’s naturally a responsibility that he assumes before Portuguese society,” he stressed.

On Monday morning, Pedro Nuno Santos sent a letter to Luís Montenegro offering to negotiate an agreement that would resolve the situation of certain professional groups in the public administration within 60 days.

The Prime Minister responded by welcoming the PS leader’s “exercise of political responsibility and commitment” and pledged to schedule “an opportunity for a working meeting” on valuing the careers in question.

Hervé Hubert
Hervé Hubert
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