PCP presents measures to ‘combat speculation and price escalation


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The XI Congress of the PCP-Madeira, during the work that will take place today and tomorrow at the Hotel Meliã-Madeira, approved a motion entitled “Fight against speculation and price escalation – Stop the rise in the cost of living”.

Learn about the seven concrete proposals of the motion:

– Proposing the tabulation or fixing of maximum prices for essential goods, including the possibility of fixing prices below those currently charged, reversing the increases that have occurred;

– Call for the establishment of maximum fuel prices based on the value of the product purchased and not on the speculative Rotterdam market;

– Demand the extension of the benefits of the “Solidarity Gas” program to all families in Madeira and Porto Santo in 2023 and fix the maximum prices of gas in the region by establishing a system of maximum marketing margins;

– Limiting the increase in the benefits of households by making the banks’ profits pay for the increase in interest rates;

– Demanding the establishment of the maximum limit of the housing installment to the banks at 35% of the monthly household income;

– Propose the creation of a moratorium, for a maximum of 2 years, suspending the amortization of the principal and the payment of interest on housing loans at a rate equal to that at which the banks finance themselves;

– Defend the conversion of mortgages into rentals, with the possibility of repaying the loan within 10 years, discounting the rents paid.

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