Pedro Abrunhosa and aerial acrobatics at the Dunas de São Jacinto Festival


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The Dunas de São Jacinto Festival will feature aerial acrobatics and concerts by Pedro Abrunhosa, Mimicat, The Black Mamba and Irma, said today the Aveiro City Council, which organizes the event from 25 to 27.

In addition to musical concerts and aerial acrobatics shows, with the PRIO Air Show, Dunas de São Jacinto will feature environmental, cultural, sports and nautical initiatives.

Pedro Abrunhosa will perform on the last day of the Festival, Sunday, the 27th, in a concert scheduled for 18:00 in the vicinity of Rua Carlos Roeder.

Before that, Irma and The Black Mamba will take to the stage at the same venue on Friday, and Mimicat on Saturday, in evening concerts, starting at 22:00. Concerts by Ayom and Soraia Tavares are also scheduled for the first two days of the Festival, at 19:00, next to Cais da Rampa.

One of the highlights of the Festival Dunas de São Jacinto goes to the PRIO AIR SHOW, a partnership between the municipality and the company PRIO, which, on Saturday afternoon, will concentrate in the bay of São Jacinto several Portuguese and foreign aircraft and pilots, for a demonstration of acrobatic flights.

The bay of São Jacinto will also be the stage for the return of the Flyboard Show, with two shows planned, one at the end of Friday night, the 25th, and another to close the 26th, Saturday.

At the Festival Dunas de São Jacinto there will also be a meeting of ultralight aircraft, the “FLY-IN DUNAS”, with joint organization of the Portuguese Association of Ultralight Aviation and AeroDreams, in which more than 70 aircraft should participate, which will use the runway of the former air base of São Jacinto, current Infantry Regiment No. 10.

Experiences of stand up paddle (SUP), canoeing, surfing and sailing, where visitors can try these modalities with the and the canoeing competition 510 Ria Cup – II Stage of Aveiro Summer, are other scheduled activities and, for the youngest, a Parrot Festival is announced.

On the days of the Festival, a special circuit of crossings is made available by the Chamber, in partnership with the urban and river transport operators, to facilitate accessibility to São Jacinto, and participation in the 7th edition of the “Dunas Festival”.

Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi

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