Portugal: 3 million TikTok users could receive compensation


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Are you a TikTok user? Did you know that TikTok is the target of two lawsuits in Portugal filed by the NGO Ius Omnibus, founded by former MEP Ana Gomes? Find out what’s at stake.

TikTok: Ius Omnibus: “deceptive trade practices” and opaque privacy policy
The Chinese social network TikTok does not take the necessary measures to prevent children under the age of 13 from using the social network. The organization Ius Omnibus speaks of “deceptive business practices” and “opaque privacy policies”.

In Portugal, “there are 3.5 million users of the platform (half a million are children) and each one of them could be compensated in case of conviction,” Daniela Antão, secretary general of the NGO, told CM.

The NGO’s main goal is to “force TikTok to correct its practices,” according to the lawyer. The lawsuits have already been filed at the Central Civil Court of Lisbon.

As for the lawsuits, one concerns users under the age of 13, “who cannot give consent for the use of their personal data, which – demonstrably – is not respected, and who are at greater risk by being exposed to content that manipulates and exploits feelings or promotes dangerous behavior, such as challenging, self-harm and eating disorders.” For these, Ius Omnibus is seeking global damages of up to 450 million euros. The other, worth 670 million euros, covers users over the age of 13, for “misleading commercial practices” and “opaque privacy policies”.

Portugal is the second European country to take TikTok to court for disregarding the privacy of its users, misleading them, illegally and abusively inducing addiction in its users, and causing serious harm to teenagers and children: Ius Omnibus, a European consumer advocacy group, is leading the case. For those who wish to be compensated, all they have to do is go here and register.

Source: https://pplware.sapo.pt/internet/portugal-3-milhoes-de-utilizadores-do-tiktok-podem-receber-indemnizacao/

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