Portuguese citizenship

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Possessing Portuguese citizenship provides individuals with the ability to reside, work, and pursue education across all European Union member states, in addition to visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 188 global destinations. Those who may obtain Portuguese citizenship typically include individuals with Portuguese ancestors, spouses or partners of Portuguese citizens, or individuals born on Portuguese soil.

To become Portuguese, there are several possibilities. The majority of people who have Portuguese nationality have it by descent: father and mother being of Portuguese nationality. But this is not the only way to obtain this nationality. Discover here all the conditions of access.
Portugal citizenship
How to get Portugal citizenship?
  1. Descent or birth.
  2. Naturalization after five years of residence.
  3. Marriage to a Portuguese citizen.
  4. Being a citizen of a former Portuguese overseas territory.
  5. Adoption

Descent or birth Portugal citizenship

A group of people are entitled to Portuguese citizenship automatically, primarily children born to a Portuguese mother or father, who are considered to be Portuguese by descent. Children born outside Portugal but with Portuguese parents are also eligible for citizenship. However, it is essential to note that failure to register these children with the consulate or civil registry may impact their eligibility.

Portuguese Grandparents

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