Acquisition of Portuguese nationality by marriage

Artigos - 3


Who can request?

  • A foreigner who has been married to a Portuguese national for more than three years.
  • The marriage must be documented in the Portuguese system.
  • A foreign national who, at the time of declaration, has lived in a de facto relationship with a Portuguese national for more than three years and whose status has been recognized by a civil court.

How to apply?

The declaration must be made while the marriage is valid, or while the couple is married. Nationality acquired through marriage remains valid even if the marriage is subsequently dissolved.

Required documents:

  • Special form from payment link (250 euros cost) to obtain the form for the application of your naturalization process to the Portuguese government only for nationality by marriage – Artigos 3: 
  • Copy of the applicant’s Birth Certificate, authenticated by Apostille or by the Portuguese Consul with jurisdiction over the applicant’s place of birth.
  • Complete Narrative Birth Certificate of the Portuguese spouse, issued within the last six months, indicating the marriage’s integration.
  • Copy of the Portuguese spouse’s passport and ID card.
  • Criminal Record Certificate issued by the authorities of the applicant’s country of birth and countries in which he or she has resided after attaining the age of sixteen, with the appropriate translation if not issued in Portuguese.
  • Proof of Portuguese language proficiency (a handwritten letter explaining the reason for the nationality request). If the petitioner has been married to a Portuguese national for more than five years, confirmation of Portuguese language proficiency is not required.

The following documents may be presented as evidence of Portuguese language proficiency:

  1. Diploma issued by a public or private Portuguese institution in accordance with Portuguese law.
  2. Certificate of Portuguese as a Foreign Language Proficiency issued by one of the accredited Portuguese evaluation institutions.
  3. Certificate of exam certification issued by the Portuguese Consulate while the petitioner resided abroad.
  4. In the case of someone who has attended a public or private school in any of the Portuguese-speaking countries, a Diploma issued by these teaching institutions may serve as evidence of idiomatic Portuguese proficiency.



In addition to proving familial relations, the applicant must demonstrate an effective connection to the Portuguese Community by providing evidence, witnesses, and/or proof of participation in community- or culture-benefiting activities and property ownership.

  • Photos of Portugal travel.
  • Hotels, restaurants, medical expenses, airline tickets.
  • Portuguese. organizations or associations.

Send complete paperwork to:

Conservatória dos Registos Centrais
Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 200 1099-003 Lisboa Portugal

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