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Legal Framework

We request that the above-mentioned procedures listed below are duly complied with. These procedures do not dispense with the careful reading of the procedures described below:

  1. DIGITALIZED PROCESSES– All processes should be scanned  in a SINGLE file, in PDF format, by applicant, who must respect the order of the documents as they appear in the table below (document list). The process will follow for due consideration of our responsible committee. This procedures aims to facilitate and streamline the analysis process, but does not replace or eliminate the need to send the paper documentation in case of and after proper approval, a condition that is fundamental for sending the final certificate of approval
  2. DONATION – After sending the scanned documentation by email and the confirmation of our receipt, the applicant will have a maximum period of 1 week to send the respective proof of the donation made. Otherwise, the process will not proceed to the next phases of commission review and eventual issuance of the respective certificate in case of approval.
  3. VALIDITY OF PASSPORTS– Passports of applicants with validity less than 6 months will not be accepted.
  4. FAMILY PROCESSES– We request that you inform us of all new cases sent and that are associated with family members who were previously certified by us, indicating the respective case number of the holder of the family.
  5. ISSUANCE OF CERTIFICATES– The name of the applicant and the parents of the applicant as indicated in the application form that initiates the process must appear on the certificate, accurately and strictly. Considering that the Registry requires the inclusion of the name of the birth register and the current name that may vary in the passport, by means of marriage or other reasons, it is important to do so strictly according to the translations made by a competent body or person who, by necessity may be included in the proceedings.
  6. RECTIFICATION OF CERTIFICATES– Only requests for rectification of certificates will be accepted, in the case of a proven spelling error committed by us, or if there is an official request for reissue by the Conservatória, which must be sent to us by e- mail when communicating the same.
  7. PUBLIC ATTENDANCE– also from now on the public telephone service will be available through the following contacts: +351 213 931 130. Office hours: Monday to Thursday from 10am to 1pm | 2pm to 5 pm. Friday: 9am to 1pm. (Portugal time). New applicants and general information click here . Information about ongoing process click here . To send processes for pre-analysis  fill out the form  .              



By Decree-Law, it is mandatory to hold a certificate issued by the Portuguese Jewish Communities – duly registered locally under the status of religious legal entities, that is, the Jewish Communities of Lisbon (CIL) and of Porto (CIP).


The Jewish Community of Lisbon has made available:

  1. Administration staff – to answer all questions, receive and perform a pre-check of the documentation. You’ll find all the contacts below.
  2. A Committee of Experts in Jewish Sephardic genealogy and the historical routes of the Jewish Iberian Diaspora – to evaluate the provided means of proof.
  3. A Certification Committee – to issue the certificates to be mailed to the applicants or to their legal representatives. 

The “burden of proof” rests on the applicant, who must provide as much evidence as possible, of all kinds, showing direct or collateral progeny and the tradition of belonging to a Sephardic community of Portuguese origin. In fact, since a very large number of Spanish Jews migrated to Portugal when they were expelled from Spain, proving Spanish ancestry from families known to have lived in Portugal is also acceptable. Please note that our internal Experts’ Committee verifies the information provided but does not run genealogical studies itself.  

Administrative documents

  1. Filling and signing in good faith an application form (see bellow)with all the required personal details, including the place of residence.
  2. A simple copy of a valid passport (page containing personal data, picture and signature) expiring date larger than 6 months.
  3. A birth certificate (including name and parents’ name, proof of name changes when applicable, place and date of birth).
  4. A valid and specific power of attorney (when not presented by the applicant himself).

Means of proof

Applicants are expected to provide different means of proof and it is understood that they will not be the same in each particular case and some people won’t be able to provide all of them:

  1. Personal – family name, records and documents (including image, video and audio) of family ceremonies, weddings, burials, registration at Jewish communities, birth certificates, property deeds, bibliography and book quotes, copies of inquisition archives and alike.
  2. Genealogical – According to the Conservatória dos Registos Centrais the certificates issued by the Jewish communities must be followed by the applicant’s genealogical tree. Therefore, the certificate must be provided with the genealogical tree indicating dates and places of ancestor’s birth, death and marriage.

    The Jewish Community of Lisbon informs:
  • The family tree should be as complete as possible, based in the submitted documentation.
  • The family tree should fit on two pages at most, visible and understandable.
  •  It should mention the respective ancestry and descendancy (if necessary), places and dates of birth, marriage and death.

 We propose this model bellow – A genealogical description with the direct ancestors in text . (download)

            Model B Genealogical Description PT EN.doc

  • We reiterate the importance of using this model in order to simplify the analysis.
  1. Testimonial – to be provided either/or by external experts, your Sephardic community’s rabbi, people who know the applicant, etc.
  2. Emotional memory – we expect the applicant to explain in short his motivation to apply for Portuguese nationality based on his Sephardic family and tradition roots. A simple letter will do. If/when possible, evidence of some level of ladino speaking proficiency/culture will be highly appreciated although it’s not a must.  

All the above may be presented in Portuguese, Spanish, French or English.

All the applications and attached documents/means of proof are kept in our records for future reference and a list of all issued certificates is sent monthly to the Portuguese Ministry of Justice.

See below the complete list of documents to be presented (end of page)

Privacy Policy


Please check with our Customer Service information about donations to do this process. These donations will be used in the development and maintenance of our services and activities which guarantee the continuation of culture and traditions in our jewish community, as well as in the Portuguese society in general, through several solidarity programs with whom the community contributes.

Our Customer Service Staff does a pre-analysis without commitment of any advance donation or final approval obligation. We hereby, clarify that, a first opinion by e-mail is not binding.

On the other hand, the power of the final decision whether it is an approval or a request for more documents that corroborates your sephardic origins is solely taken by the Commission of Analysis. 

Also, we inform you that, in case of no approval, the donations given are not refundable, without prejudice of the process come to be analyzed again through presentation of additional documents.

Bank details

IBAN: PT 50 0007 0006 0025 6930 0064 8 


Owner: Comunidade Israelita de Lisboa (CIL)

Bank: Novo Banco

Agency: Marquês de Pombal  (Lisboa – Portugal)

Account nr. : 0062 5693 0006

or by PAYPAL 


CIL Lisbon



E -mails: 

New applicants and general information – click here 

For ongoing processes  click here 

Phones: +351 213 931 130 (Portuguese/English)

PUBLIC ATTENDANCE : Monday to Thursday from 10am to 1pm | 2pm to 5 pm.

Friday: 9am to 1pm.

Closed on Shabbat, Jewish Holidays and Portuguese Bank Holidays

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