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Nacionalidade justica

           What is the status of my nationality process

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You can obtain your password at registries with a nationality desk.

To obtain your access code you must

  • Have an identification document, if you are the holder of the request
  • Have a power of attorney with acknowledgement of signature of the holder of the application
Nacionalidade justica
It was received

Step 1

It is the stage where many get stuck for a very long time, and why? At one stage, the files are scattered all over the country, because as part of the and the beginning of the flood of applications for citizenship, the Portuguese government made a decision to spread the files in the various conservatories in the country. So the case also goes through tracking before it is assigned to the office that will handle it, and many times after the case is assigned there is also a waiting period until the cases that preceded your case are completed.
It was received
It was recorded, Step 2
It was recorded

Step 2

Step 2 is a relatively quick step, let's perform the registration of the scanned documents in the file. As we noted earlier, the files are currently scattered all over Portugal, while the original documents remain in the main REGISTRE CENTRAL and the clerks actually work on documents scanned from the computer.
It was recorded
Step 3 Awaiting inquiries
Awaiting inquiries

Step 3

Stage 3 is a critical stage in the case, this is the stage where queries are made to both Interpol and the Portuguese Police, even if you have never set foot in Portugal, these checks are systematic. Please note that this is a stage to which you can return at any point in the process for a new security check.
Awaiting inquiries
Step 4 Document verification
Document verification

Step 4

Step 4 is the step where the documents are reviewed. This is actually the stage where you might get the rejection that everyone is afraid of. Recently, the government requires completions and corrections within a tight time frame of only 24 days, it is always stressful to receive a rejection letter, we wish you to pass this stage safely.
Document verification
Step 5 Order Analysis
Order Analysis

Step 5

Step 5 is the step where the naturalization application is analyzed. The officer handling your case will also provide an opinion on the forms you have submitted, and the application will be reviewed for eligibility for naturalization.
Order Analysis
Step 6 Dispatch

Step 6

In step 6, the Ministry of Justice actually has to decide whether or not to approve your citizenship.
Terminado 7 Step 7

Step 7

At this stage you are already a full citizen, stage 7 is the stage where you are registered as a citizen and issued with a Portuguese birth certificate.
Detail of the status of the nationality process
On the processing of nationality applications

An application for nationality follows these steps:
1. Receipt of the application, at a registry office, consulate or by mail
2. Registration of the request
3. Consultation with external entities
4. Verification of documentation submitted
5. Analysis that all legal conditions are met to grant nationality
6. Decision on whether or not to grant nationality
7. Registration of the new Portuguese citizen in the Portuguese Civil Registry or closure of the case


For adults, it currently takes between 24 to 29 months from submission of the application for nationality to final registration of nationality for those applications that submit all the necessary documents and the correctly completed application.

About 9 to 11 months of preparation elapse between submission of the application and the start of the analysis, the analysis and related steps usually take 9 to 12 months, and the decision and final registration takes 6 to 8 months after completion of the analysis. These periods will be longer if the file is not complete and correct from the beginning and additional documentation needs to be requested.

Requests from minors, children of a Portuguese father or Portuguese mother and declared directly by the parents, are treated with priority, so the analysis and decision time may take between 2 and 4 months.

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