Portugal is the fourth country with the greatest talent shortage in the globe.


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According to the Talent Shortgate Survey, the most qualified young people favor foreign companies; consequently, there is more supply than demand in Portuguese businesses.

Portugal is the fourth nation in the globe with the most talent shortage. In Porto, the problem is more severe; in the north, the supply exceeds the demand.

The Talent Shortgate Survey reveals that it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies in Portugal to hire new employees.

According to the study, there is a disparity between market demands and the profile of Portuguese employees.

According to the document, the most afflicted regions are the North (89%) and Greater Porto (87%).

Nonetheless, the Center and Greater Lisbon regions also face recruiting difficulties (each 83%). The talent shortage is marginally less severe in the South.

In the sectors of energy, heavy industry, and information technology, supply exceeds demand.

Followed by the capacity to take initiative and self-discipline, resilience and adaptability are among the most sought-after skills by employers.

The truth is that the Port has repaid a 433 million euro foreign capital investment in 2022.

The study reveals that the global competition pays better and that an increasing number of highly qualified young people prefer them, which creates recruiting difficulties for Portuguese businesses.

The new technology industry is one of the most affected industries.

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