Portugal supports Ukraine’s accession to NATO “when conditions permit”.


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The Portuguese government today expressed support for Ukraine’s accession to NATO “when conditions permit” and argued that further sanctions should be imposed on Russia, in a joint statement released after a telephone conversation between Costa and Zelensky.

Portugal “will continue to support Ukraine on its path to future membership and supports Ukraine to become a NATO member when conditions permit,” reads a joint statement signed between Ukraine and Portugal.

In the document, the government also argues that “the future of Ukraine and its people lies in the European family” and recalls that “the European Union (EU) has already recognized Ukraine’s European perspective and granted it candidate country status.

“The Portuguese Republic firmly supports Ukraine in its reform efforts and in fulfilling the necessary requirements to start accession negotiations, looking forward to a positive report from the European Commission,” the statement said.

The executive further stresses that “Ukraine and the Portuguese Republic agree on the need to increase collective pressure on Russia through further sanctions to weaken its ability to pursue its illegal war of aggression.”

“Efforts should be strengthened to ensure effective enforcement of sanctions and to prevent and counter their evasion through third countries,” the two governments argue.

The statement also reads that “Ukraine and the Portuguese Republic stress their firm commitment to bringing to justice those responsible for war crimes and other atrocities committed during Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.”

“Ukraine and the Republic of Portugal reiterate their support for the International Criminal Court and the investigations carried out by the prosecutor – which are a further step towards holding [the perpetrators] accountable – and take note of the Court’s arrest warrants,” they point out.

Portugal also welcomes the agreement and the beginning of the work of the new International Prosecution Center for the Crime of Aggression against Ukraine, based in The Hague, in the Netherlands.

The government also reiterates that Russia must “immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw all its military forces from the territory of Ukraine on its internationally recognized borders.”

“The Portuguese Republic will maintain its political, financial, humanitarian and military support to Ukraine as long as necessary – individually and through international cooperation within the EU, NATO, the United Nations and other formats,” the Portuguese government says.

This joint statement was signed after a telephone conversation between António Costa and Volodymyr Zelensky, in which, according to a message posted on his Twitter social network account, the Ukrainian president expressed to the Portuguese prime minister the importance of NATO making a decision on Kiev’s future membership in the alliance.

Also in a message on Twitter, Costa stated that “Portugal has supported Ukraine, from day one, to exercise its right of defense in this brutal and unjustified war, and will continue to support for as long as necessary.”

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