A Bola

A Bola: An Icon in Portuguese Sports Journalism

A Bola is more than just a newspaper; it is an icon of sports journalism in Portugal. Founded on January 29, 1945 by Cândido de Oliveira, Ribeiro dos Reis and Vicente de Melo, A Bola has been a reliable source of information on sports ever since.

Evolution and expansion

Originally published twice a week, A Bola evolved into a four-weekly in 1989, incorporating Sunday editions. In 1995, it took on its current format as a daily newspaper, solidifying its presence in the Portuguese media landscape. Its relevance was recognized on January 27, 1995, when it was made a Honorary Member of the Order of Prince Henry the Navigator.

An International Achievement

A Bola has not only captured the hearts of the Portuguese at home but has also become a household name among Portuguese emigrants and in Portugal’s former colonies in Africa. Since 2006, the newspaper has been printed in Newark, New Jersey, in the USA, and in 2009, it launched an edition for Angola, followed by Mozambique in 2012, reinforcing its international footprint.

Celebration and Collection

Celebrating its 70th anniversary on January 30, 2015, A Bola paid tribute to Alexandre Ribeiro, a mathematics teacher and A Bola’s biggest newspaper collector, with more than three thousand copies, including the inaugural edition from 70 years ago.

Ownership and value

More recently, on June 6, 2023, A Bola was acquired by the Swiss media and technology group Ringier Sports Media Group (RSMG), although the financial details of the transaction remain confidential.

Impact and legacy

A Bola is not just a sports periodical; it is a legacy and a testament to Portugal’s rich sporting tapestry. Its long history, constant evolution and international expansion attest to its relevance and resonance not only in Portugal but throughout the Portuguese-speaking community. It is more than a testimony to sport; it is a reflection of Portuguese passion and history.