Diário dos Açores

Diário dos Açores


  • Type: Daily newspaper
  • Format: Berliner
  • Founder: Manuel Augusto Tavares de Resende
  • Date of Establishment: 5 February 1870
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Website: Diário dos Açores

About the Newspaper The Diário dos Açores is a notable Portuguese daily that stands as one of the Azores’ longest-running newspapers, inaugurated on 5 February 1870.

Origins & Legacy Manuel Augusto Tavares de Resende, the visionary behind the Diário dos Açores, commenced its publication against the backdrop of a society grappling with illiteracy and limited accessibility to information. Inspired by the establishment of the Diário de Notícias in Lisbon, Resende aimed to swiftly bring global news to the residents of São Miguel. A testament to his commitment was the newspaper’s timely coverage of the Franco-Prussian war in 1870, making it the first in the archipelago to do so.

Diário dos Açores
Diário dos Açores

Despite challenges, including skepticism regarding the newspaper’s viability and scant advertising opportunities, Resende introduced innovative tactics. He bolstered the subscriber base by offering lottery-regulated cash rewards, disseminating promotional material, and even establishing an unprecedented network of correspondents across São Miguel and beyond.

Its groundbreaking approach to journalism made the Diário dos Açores an emblem of modernity and dynamism, separating it from the traditional political periodicals of that era. In many ways, the newspaper revitalized Azorean journalism, setting the stage for an evolving and vibrant press landscape.

João da Silva Júnior beautifully depicted the foundation of the Diário dos Açores, evoking images of a transformative period in Azorean journalism.

Leadership & Evolution Following Resende’s demise in 1892, the newspaper’s leadership transitioned to his nephew, Manuel Resende Carreiro, who persevered for 47 years despite the inherent challenges of the Azores’ geographic and social context. Under his aegis, the children’s supplement, ‘Miau’, was introduced in 1934, captivating a new generation of readers.

The Carreiro brothers, Manuel and Carlos, succeeded their father, introducing technical advancements to the Diário dos Açores. Notably, they pioneered the use of mechanical typesetting machines in São Miguel.

Legacy & Current Stance Today, the Diário dos Açores continues its tradition, celebrating its rich history and role in Azorean culture. Basílio José Dias, the then civil governor of the Autonomous District of Ponta Delgada, once lauded the newspaper’s contributions, urging it to maintain its esteemed legacy.

In recognition of its unparalleled contributions, the Diário dos Açores was honored as an Honorary Member of the Order of Merit on 9 June 1995.