Lusa Portugal’s Primary News Agency

Lusa – Agência de Notícias de Portugal, S.A., commonly known as Lusa, is the largest news agency in Portugal and one of the largest in the Portuguese-speaking world. With a significant reputation for delivering reliable news, Lusa plays a crucial role in the country’s media landscape. It serves as a primary source of news for many newspapers, radio, and television stations, both within Portugal and abroad.

History and Evolution


Lusa was established in 1986 following the merger of the country’s two leading news agencies at the time – ANOP (Agência Noticiosa Portuguesa) and NP (Notícias de Portugal). This integration aimed to create a more robust, comprehensive news service that could better serve the Portuguese media and public.

Since then, Lusa has evolved and expanded in its operations, embracing digital transformation to reach broader audiences globally. Despite the rapid changes in the media industry, the agency has remained committed to its core mission of providing accurate, timely, and impartial news.

Operations and Coverage

Lusa maintains offices in Lisbon and Porto, with correspondents stationed across the country and the world, including Portuguese-speaking countries such as Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Príncipe, and East Timor. This global presence allows the agency to cover a wide range of news, including politics, economics, culture, sports, science, technology, and more.

The agency releases an average of 400 news items per day, ensuring a steady stream of news updates around the clock. In addition to text, Lusa also produces multimedia content, including photographs, videos, and infographics.

Influence and Impact

As Portugal’s largest news agency, Lusa exerts considerable influence on the country’s media landscape. Its reports often serve as the foundation for news stories in various Portuguese media outlets. Moreover, its global network of correspondents gives it an exceptional ability to cover international news from a Portuguese perspective.

Lusa’s impact extends beyond the media sector. Given its reputation for impartial reporting, Lusa’s news items are used by businesses, academic institutions, and government bodies as a reliable source of information.

Future Directions

In the face of the digital revolution and changing news consumption habits, Lusa continues to adapt and evolve. It is committed to upholding the highest journalistic standards while innovating to meet the needs of modern audiences.

For instance, the agency has been investing in digital platforms and new formats of storytelling, such as data journalism and interactive graphics. These initiatives aim to make news more engaging and accessible to the public.