Sábado, a Portuguese weekly general information magazine, made its mark on the Portuguese press scene with its launch on May 7, 2004. With a total circulation of 54,914 in the third quarter of 2014, this publication, edited in Lisbon and directed by Nuno Tiago Pinto, has established itself as a reliable source of information in Portugal.

Origin and evolution

Sábado, which belongs to the Cofina Group, was introduced to the Portuguese public by its first director, journalist João Gobern. Since its inception, Sábado has opted for an aggressive editorial and marketing strategy, overtaking competitors Focus and Tempo.

Distinction and Timing

Despite its name, which suggests publication at the end of the week, Sábado surprises by hitting the newsstands on Thursday, a change implemented before January 12, 2006 to boost sales; previously, it was published on Fridays.

Market and Competition

The magazine’s main competitor is Visão, an established name in the generalist magazine segment in Portugal. However, Sábado has distinguished itself with its innovative approach and relevant content, earning it a prominent place in the demanding Portuguese generalist magazine market.

Impact and Relevance

With its proactive strategy and high-quality content, Sábado has left an indelible mark on Portuguese journalism. The magazine continues to influence public dialog and shape opinions, contributing to the diversity and richness of the media landscape in Portugal.

Sábado, with its powerful and informative presence, persists as a pillar in the Portuguese media world, providing thousands of readers with valuable insights and crucial information, week after week. Its commitment to truth and relevance ensures its continuity as an indispensable source of general information for the Portuguese public.