Visão is a Portuguese weekly news magazine, launched on March 25, 1993. The publication was born out of the link between the Swiss company Edipresse and Projornal, a Portuguese journalists’ company which edited the weekly O Jornal until 1992.

In 1999, Edipresse and Abril Controljornal joined forces and VISÃO became part of the latter’s publishing group. Subsequently, VISÃO magazine was published by Impresa Publishing, part of the Impresa group, whose chairman is Francisco Pinto Balsemão. Edimpresa is one of the most important magazine publishers in Portugal and is growing fast. Directed by Pedro Camacho, VISÃO was the journalistic project that succeeded the extinct weekly O Jornal and had Carlos Cáceres Monteiro as its first director. On December 2, 2010 it became the first journalistic publication to be distributed on a tablet (iPad, in this case) with a totally revised format for this type of device. On the day it was launched it reached the 1st place of the top news apps and in general.

In 2018 the magazine was sold by Impresa Publishing, due to its financial crisis, to Trust in News, a company led by Luís Delgado.

The magazine is, since 2016, directed by Mafalda Anjos, has a weekly periodicity and is released every Thursday, in paper and digital.